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activa 6g mileage

Activa 6G has better mileage than 98% of scooters. You will receive all the communications on : rvmp_forum_ask_car_owner,rvmp_faqs,rvmp_qna,rvmp_similar_cars_slider,rvmp_model_wise_user_review,rvmp_fuel_cost_calculator, This is the mileage given by maximum number of Activa 6G owners. It gives me mileage of nearly 43 and design wise not too sporty and not too classy it looks simple and nice. It delivers better mileage that 98% of scooters. Q. We take a spin on the latest iteration of India’s favourite scooter. As reported by Activa 6G owners, the real mileage of Honda Activa 6G is 50 kmpl. Q. The scooter is quite comfortable and it is very smooth in riding. Now, as the Honda Activa 5G has started to garner attention through its charisma, there might be a great news for two-wheeled enthusiasts. Check out our list of top 10 mileage scooters in India. In a recent move by Honda Motors Two-wheeler segment in India, the company had launched the much-awaited Honda Activa 5G in the country. I am doing updation from one generation to another. Honda claims mileage is 10% increase but I don't feel it overall scooter is good build quality nice only rattle sound from back side of fuel tank lock noise which is feel in bad roads. cons-high price than 5g.

Activa 6G Mileage. It is very comfortable .I suggest every family to choose this scooter as it is too good for families. I am loving it, tough I haven't own one, but tried it a bit. Really i love this bike. And response of service center is very reckless. I am doing updation from one generation to another. The body fitting is very bad. If there is any issue with the scooty the repairing cost is also less. limiting excessive gearshifts in case of geared motorcycles and turning-off the To know more about the Honda Activa 6G DLX images, reviews, offers & other details, download the BikeDekho App. Ask your question from Activa 6G owners and experts, Your Question should contain at least 5 characters, 1900+ Activa 6G Owners and Experts to help you, I wish to report this Answer because it is. Q. Riding quality is better than 5g, look is awesome, performance is o.K,i got 68 km per litre that is amazing, low maintenance ,build quality are good, front suspension better than 5g, pros- mileage which are 68 km per litre,riding better than 5g. Assuming fuel price ₹ 79 per liter and This is due to the introduction of the brand's PGM-Fi system along with Honda's eSP. Because I loved it. The torque production of Honda Activa 6G is based on this engine, will stand at 9Nm. So please give the specific answer. TVS Jupiter is available in 8 colours and 4 variants and Honda Activa 6G is available in 6 colours and 2 variants.

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