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australian government departments

Economic Response to the Coronavirus: Supporting Apprentices and Trainees. Learn more about what we're doing to protect it.

Australia’s higher education system is made up of universities and other institutions that play a critical role in fuelling innovation, driving productivity and giving students the skills they need for future success. Our role is to support economic growth, by delivering policies and programs that assist job seekers to find work, encourage small and family businesses to grow, and maximise opportunity through access to quality skills and training. A secure myGov account lets you link a range of Australian Government services with one username and password, all in one place. The Australian Government supports higher education through policies, funding and programs. World, National and Commonwealth heritage lists, international projects, historic shipwrecks and more. We work to protect and strengthen our agriculture, water resources, the environment and our heritage. The Australian Government has delivered the 2020–21 Budget. Government departments and agencies; Boards and other structures; General enquiries and helplines; Download Directory Dataset; Australian Government board reports . The Government’s $2.4 billion health package will protect Australians from COVID-19. Welcome to the Department of Home Affairs. Last modified on Thursday 2 April 2020 [2575|124785], Department of Education, Skills and Employment, I want information about my rights and responsibilities as an employer, I want to hire an overseas worker or migrant, I want information about new employment trials, I want to know my workplace rights and entitlements, I want information about Australian Government employment services, I want information on new employment trials, I need information on Paid Parental Leave, Updated arrangements: mutual obligation requirements for Victoria, Digital Skills Organisation appoints new CEO, Patrick Kidd OBE OAM, Monthly Leading Indicator of Employment Latest Release, Helping you take the next step in Your Career, Mutual obligations requirements for job seekers in Online Employment Services, Mandatory mutual obligations return for job seekers, excluding Victoria, Jobs Hub for connections to job opportunities, Self-employment—New Business Assistance with NEIS, Department of Education, Skills and Employment Graduate Program, Jobs at the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, Indigenous Australian Government Development Program (IAGDP). If you are feeling worried or anxious about COVID-19 there are steps you can take. About the Department Department of Education, Skills and Employment Graduate Program Budget Jobs at the Department of Education, Skills and Employment National Redress Scheme Indigenous Australian Government Development Program (IAGDP) View all The Department content Latest funding for agriculture, water and the environment, just announced in the Australian Government’s budget 2020-21, We are continuing to regulate environment protection while managing the health and safety of our staff and stakeholders, We’ve made it easier to find and take part in consultations from across our portfolio.
Contact us. Browse all departmental social media accounts. Terms of use for the department's website. Not sure if you need a permit? This list of Australian government entities is of Australian Ministers, government departments, bureaus and commissions, authorities, corporations and other entities, which are grouped into a number of areas of portfolio responsibility. We are an Australian Government department. It is now available in several languages. For details, visit the Departmentʼs 2020–21 Budget page.

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