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black adam vs thanos

I don't think so.

PC BA would BEat him.

Your better off pitting BA & Capt Marvel against Thanos for at LEAST a chance! 4 years ago. It would be good while it lasted, but Thanos would beat Black Adam. it's a goofy show that's comes on cartoon network.

but I'd pay to see this fight, though I might have to go with Thanos on this one. Black Adam. Current BA, .... you ****ing serious? This thread is archived. I've noticed a few people on here do that, any particular reason? If that's so, he's not enough to take down Thanos who tanked blasts from Odin and bitchslapped the silver surfer. Spite to the fullest. You don't see SS fighting like the Flash - dropping hundreds of blows a second on his opponent. Thanos has taken on plenty with a speedfacter and still come out on top! The show is alright for what it is, but it's no Justice League Unlimited. Speed doesn't necesarrily = win! As stated many a time, he's constantly wiped the floor with silver surfer, and i believe he trumps in speed compard to BA, and he also has matter manipulation on top of that, and it still hasn't helped him in getting his ass kicked in any battle he's had with the titan!

Each gives him an ability. No multiple scenarios, let's get back to the basics.

The guy who smacks Silver Sufer around.

The guy who smacks Silver Sufer around. Thanos has not been shown to perform strength feats in the scope of BA. The only reason BA lives is because the JLA don't do capital punishment punisher style  she is not charitable like Billy, she would have crushed that pathetic old egyptian man's skull.

Thanos has taken out stronger and better than BA without prep, and BA's power does not match the titans!

Speed and strength wouldn't be new to him.

Anyone who hangs out with pretty much a badass! Since his resurrection, Thanos has proven capable of holding his own against Odin & Champion of the Universe (When Champion had the power infinity gem). Thanos would destroy Black Adam, Thanos simply has more feats that showcases his durability (remember when Black Bolt, who's voice can destroy planets, yelled into Thanos' face and he tanked it like it's nothing). What's the purpose of having multiple usernames?

infact, he trained Gamora from infancy as one of the deadliest warriors in the galaxy! The guy who doesn't fear Galactus. Thanos VS Black Adam ahmed el muhammedy. Even the weakest Thanos Ive seen was a match for Thor and Thing, so in pretty much any version Thanos takes it more than not (some versions quite badly at that). Both bloodlusted. quanchi112. Press J to jump to the feed. Cookies help us deliver our Services. But nothing that Thanos hasn't beaten before. I would put them maybe even, but their are others who would argue that. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He's way out of league for the titan and a curbstomp in thanos's favour!

2 comments. Getting hit hundreds of times in quick succession by someone of BA's strength will do more than sting. Thanos is hanging out on Mercury, catching some rays, and hatching his next plan for Universal domination.

Thanos, If this is a random fight, then Thanos loses, thanos only wins with prep time in a random fight, adam mutilates him, Gamora's shots still had a little effect on Thanos, he was still standing. Black Adam can't possibly win.

Who's taking the majority? He is a kid that has a watch that turns him into different superheroes. Thanos is no slouch in the H2H department! It was never specifically stated how much more powerful Thanos was, but in the Thanos Quest limited series it was implied that his power was at least doubled!

"Black Adam beat Thanos? shiv. Stamina. When BA accomplashes at least half of Thanos's feats, he could throw his two cents worth and have a throw down with the big Titan! BA has no chance of defeating Thanos! save hide report. without preperation time Thanos is seriously screwed.

PC Captain Marvel and Black Adam were Invunerable. 7. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. Black Adam stand the same chances to win that Sups, and that mean no chance at all. Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.

It was great to see you lasted as long as you did, BA!

I'll have to agree to dissagree on that one! Without prep time or tech, Thanos is a chump that gets his ass kicked by Gamora.

i know that,but do the other gods help here ? And with that said, Black Adam don't relly bring anything that Thanos hasn't fought before. Black Bolt Bio Powers But, um, what battle are you referring to? That was a weakened Black Bolt. He may have faught speedsters before but are were any of them as strong or as durable (able to survive nukes) as BA ? If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. The guy who doesn't fear Galactus. u/KHolidae. He basicaly killed a group of god knows how many, not sure if it was in the hundreds or thousands, of a sect of mercaneries that were suppose to be formidable in the marvel U! Bloodlusted Black Adam is a scary and ruthless son of a bitch, but Thanos is still too much for him. At the levels that BA possesses, I don't think that Thanos has experienced that level before - at least not in hand to mhand sense. 90% Upvoted. Archived [Bloodmatch] Thanos vs Black Adam. lol Close this shit. Fight takes place on uninhabited planet (indestructible) The Mad Titan vs PC Black Adam. Bouboumaster.

To name a few.

and with that said, elvis has left the building! Only one god gives him strength. Thanos 10/10. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.
manx422. Have we seem Thanos demonstrate a strength level in the millions of tonnes? © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. A Bloodlusted Black Adam arrives on the planet with the belief that Thanos murdered his wife. Black Adam summons the Godwave from the rock ftw. Black Adam beat the shit out of at least a dozen S Tier superheroes at the same time in WW3. Thanos has had alot of H2H experience combat, and BA, as stated before, is neither smart enough, or powerfull enough, to take on, let alone defeat someone on Thanos's strength level! Thanos 7/10. He weould instanly know how to defeat him from his experience. Black Adam vs. Thanos Thanos is hanging out on Mercury, catching some rays, and hatching his next plan for Universal domination. Speed. IIRC black adam is equivalent to a bloodlusted superman with magic. Black Adam stand the same chances to win that Sups, and that mean no chance at all. Black Adam beat Thanos? Prior to his resurrection, Thanos was able to single handedly fight the Thing & Thor at the same time and more than hold his own! He's a Saturday morning kids cartoon character that is sort of ripped off of Dial H for Hero. With prep time I agree that Thanos easily triumphs but in a clash with no prep time I think that BA can win.

Close. Black Adam. Standard bout, no prep on deserted planet.

Thanos wins this without even opening his eyes to see who he is fighting. [Bloodmatch] Thanos vs Black Adam. …

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. A Bloodlusted Black Adam arrives on the planet with the belief that Thanos murdered his wife. Yeah! yeah go to my page i do have comicbook pages of thanos and odin fighting.

thanos-prime. ... Black Adam VS Gladiator | BATTLE ROYALE - Duration: 8:37. Black Adam is like Superman on roids. share. This is spite. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

yeah but isn't black adam stronger then SS,i mean he has the power of 6 gods. These two are on two COMPLETE, different levels. You can tell by the fact that the planet didn't get destroyed. Loading... Unsubscribe from ahmed el muhammedy? Thanos is just on a different level from him, he can take his hits and hit him back, and his range of powers should bring him down. A better example would be when Thanos casually tanked a Black Hole with only superficial cuts. lol  Anywho, BA gets my vote here. This is not even fair.

Because in the battle that I read, Black Bolt got his ass handed to him. People giving Black Adam even one win are hysterical. Thanos wins but not that easily.

Didn't he hold his own against Odin or some kind of God?

He was weakened from the terrigen bomb that had just gone off. Endurance. black adam takes on thanos....but come can he beat thanos easy?

Yes he has faced cosmic entities but usually that has involved energy attacks (like battling Odin), not hand to hand. I think because of the type of character Thanos is, he would always be prepared for an attack (especailly with Drax always on you).

As I said provide me with a reference of Thanos picking up a huge object and hurling it like BA did with a fully loaded aircraft carrier (so 100,000 tonnes) and hurled it for miles (as done in World War III). After his resurrection by lady death, it was revealed that his already awesome might was amplified by Lady Death. Thanos is smarter, probably stronger,and has vast cosmic and mystical power. You are indeed where you belong. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Who wins? Posted by. BA has enough power to pull off a few wins as a champion of gods. Also Thanos has not been shown to possess super speed reactions (and ability to fight at super speed) like BA has (in a similar way like the Flash does). until then, he's not even close to Thanos's league!

Originally posted by manx422 Black Adam Based on? No hold barred. No, the Surfer is faster in flight speed than BA but not necessarily reaction/fight speed.

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