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classroom furniture flexible seating

Learn more about them on Moving Minds. Enter coupon code FLAT5 at time of checkout to redeem offer. It’s at a higher price point than other stools, starting at $199. The days of sitting in a desk chair all day are on their way out, as studies show giving students options can help increase engagement and performance. This ergonomic stool can be used as a physical outlet for children and adults who need movement to focus while sitting. Design and movement have been combined to create classroom seating for children whose sensory systems are still developing. Scooter boards make awesome foot fidgets for when sitting at a desk. WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook. We want to tell you about one more balance ball option because this one has legs to keep it from rocking. The cons are finding the items to make flexible seating happen in your classroom. Peanut Seat- A different version of the therapy ball is the peanut ball seat. The days of sitting in a desk chair all day are on their way out, as studies show giving students options can help increase engagement and performance. When providing a new or novel seating option in the classroom, there are considerations to keep in mind as well. These stools are usually $60–$80 each . While some alternative seating options provide sensory input or feedback via the positioning, others provide heavy input by hugging the student. The curved base provides a cozy and calming space for reading or listening to read alouds in the classroom or home.

Long gone are the days of single desks in straight rows. All Prices are subject to change. Consider some of the options below in adding to a seating system: Remember that finding an ideal seating system can require a lot of investigation and trial and error.

Ideal for group brainstorming, circle time lessons, or reading time in an early education environment, these alternative seating options can help children improve their posture, develop trunk control, and calm the wiggles while also making it easier to move around the classroom. Seat measures 18" high. There’s just something about rocking back and forth that brings back memories of quieting fussy babies during the night for this mama…but perhaps the calming effects of slow linear rocking can be just the thing to turn classroom fidgeting into focused learning.
Research on flexible seating and classrooms suggests these innovative techniques will lead to better learning outcomes. I knew there would be free furniture out there; I just had to find it.

Who knows how long that price will last! Positioning and specific student needs are just part of the puzzle. Active seating can also help children and adults of all ages stay engaged, focused, and motivated as they learn. Your session is about to timeout due to inactivity. Futon- An easy way to incorporate flexible seating options in the classroom is to add a futon. Facilitating learning while encouraging collaborations among students is important and the primary concern when it comes to out-of-the-box seating arrangements. By Signing up, you agree to our privacy policy. Facilitate natural student movement with wobble stools, ball chairs, and discreet fidget pedal desks. Or to sit on at a low table or when working in a small group. Upper extremity mobility and positioning is important to consider if students will be using the seating arrangements for writing tasks. This seating system is appropriate for younger children, but it’s an option for testing out movement in the seat. Continuous movement results in alleviating anxiety, hyperactivity and boredom, increasing focus. Set these on the floor, and kids are ready to rock and recline as they work independently or in a group. A reading pillow (the kind you typically use on a bed) works really well in a calm-down space, too.

There is so much to think about when it comes to accommodating to various seating needs. Alternative seating for students is particularly appropriate for younger children just learning to adapt to their new academic environment.
Kids' concentration grows as they rock back, forth and all around because the continuous movement increases blood flow to the brain enabling greater attentiveness. “Wherever they choose to sit, it has to help them be their best learning selves.” Communication; No one is naive enough to believe that flexible seating simply happens. The flexible seating classroom products available at Really Good Stuff® allow you to custom-design practically any space to suit individual educational needs and goals. Chairs and surfaces may not provide optimal postural alignment in order to provide adequate trunk support. The polypropylene body is highly stable and durable, but at the same…, 8 years & up.

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