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creative writing prompts

(The Write Practice), Creation myth! Your penpal lives on the opposite side of the universe.

(Reedsy), It’s 1AM at night. Two widowed people meet at a community garden.

(Reedsy). If the world could be any color, what would you want it to be? Your character is a private detective brought in to solve an unusual murder.

Now, you must find the man—and convince everyone else that the danger is real.

The same cat – color, pattern, one docked ear – that is currently purring on your lap.

What does it mean? (Reedsy), A terrorist group has been infiltrated by so many agencies that it is now run by spies, unbeknownst to the spies themselves. House cats are aliens who have succeeded in their plan to rule the world. If they don’t act fast, the robots win.

You discover, much too late, that your downstairs neighbor is a cannibal. The scientists attempt to correct it over and over until they suddenly receive a transmission from the rover: “Will Save Oppy” (@writing.prompt.s), What if a nuclear submarine was ordered to launch their nuclear arsenal onto the world? You’ve been bumping into the same stranger for months. A good prompt can give you the inspiration you need to craft a paragraph, a book, or an entire series. Describe a time when you have been excited to explore a new place.

What if you lived solely according to it? You and your best friends go on a road trip across America, with no budget and for however long you want. I know that subgenre can veer on Science Fiction (instead of Fantasy) but you could definitely apply those required themes to a post-apoc story.

Tell the story of one woman on the mission to find her lost biological daughter. Describe a time when you wanted to experience a spiritual moment or looked for spiritual guidance. Your only mode of transport is a temperamental camel. One morning, an idol appears outside their shelter’s front door.

(The Write Practice), On Halloween night, lovers get to come back and spend the evening together one more time. (Reedsy), You were on your way to see a doctor who promised to know the secret to making yourself fall out of love with someone.

By way of a lottery system, the king chooses you to be his queen.

All plant life on the planet is wiped out, except for in Florida.

He thinks he sees his kids trick-or-treating and stops to pick them up—but those aren’t costumes.

Thanks for sharing.

Your character is one of a species of sea creatures that inhabit the very deepest part of the ocean.

Creative Writing Prompts are Your Matchbox. Who is she? See where these ideas take you. (Reedsy), A loved one confides in you, but the secret could damage someone else you care about.

Write about a job or career move that changed your life.

Thank you for sharing such a wealth of prompts! Some would say… almost human.

Were you by yourself or with someone else? You’re the judge of the annual pie contest in your hometown but, unbeknownst to you, one of the pies is poisoned. (Reedsy), You start realizing that at least one aspect of every dream you have comes true the next day. A boy pursues his list of wildly ambitious New Year’s resolutions, with hilarious and touching results. Your dog begins speaking in a human voice one morning.

Coffee is illegal and you have to single handedly smuggle it into the country. Write from the perspective of the teenaged alien who first figures it out. How to Use Creative Writing Prompts. Who do you choose?

What would happen if you woke up one day and kids ruled the world? Everyone in the world has the ability to read thoughts.

(Reedsy), As you’re paying for your groceries, you mention to the clerk, “There’s a mess in aisle 16.” They give you a puzzled look and reply, “There is no aisle 16.” (Reedsy), The detective didn’t realize they were being foiled by a competing detective. Imagine what it would be like to live in a world where instead of taking the school bus, you ride a dragon to classes! Suddenly your mind goes completely silent. After being together for six years, they must re-learn how to navigate the world together. You got ditched at the last minute before prom – who will your date be? One day, you accidentally walk in on a bank robbery in progress—and these aren’t ordinary criminals. These thought-provoking, thrilling, and sometimes funny prompts can send your imagination off and running. A young police detective must find the kidnapped daughter of a powerful city planner.

You find out that your best friend’s dad is responsible for the growing number of missing people in your hometown. Your character’s neighbor is an older man who mostly keeps to himself; your character often sees him taking walks or puttering around his garden. A polar vortex freezes the entire planet. Do you take it back into space? Whatever method helps you generate ideas is what’s best for your writing! In protest, every woman leaves the Southern Baptist denomination to form an independent, women-only sect of Baptists. (Screencraft), A boy’s stepfather is actually a murderous werewolf. A note on the front reads, “Caution: may bite.”.

You might be wondering if there’s one type of writing prompt that’s best for you. Your favorite chef asks you to join them on a culinary tour of the world. (@writing.prompt.s), The stars have been watching you your whole life, as you laughed and cried, loved and suffered.

Imagine how you would help solve the greatest challenges that the world faces.

What’s the greatest advice you’ve ever been given?

In a high-stakes game of poker in the French Quarter, you wagered your soul to a voodoo doctor on a pretty bad hand. One day, completely by accident, you discover what this spaceship uses for fuel, and are faced with a terrible moral dilemma of how to handle this information. For every day of total silence a person completes, they receive a piece of gold. Here are a few other techniques you might want to explore: Freewriting. What are some of your favorite memories of spending time with them? You never would have guessed that in 48 hours you’d be married. The protagonist of your story discovers that there is a person who looks exactly like him. (The Write Practice). You can solve murders simply by stepping foot at the crime scene.

(Reedsy), Well, that was a New Year’s Eve kiss you won’t forget any time soon. What if we lived in a world where kids were treated like adults? Turns out, there’s a whole civilization there—but these “people” have been isolated for so long, they’ve evolved differently than people in the rest of the world. (Reedsy), Silence is now literally golden. But I wasn’t getting any good heads. What do you do? Some think so…until classic rock ‘n’ roll hits the airwaves, and these aliens discover dancing. When you accidentally bump into a man on the subway, you see the man piloting a spaceship—and it’s moving towards your city.

Imagine running away with a group of your childhood best friends – where would you go?

Your character is a child whose stuffed toy comes equipped with a nanny-cam and primitive AI. One month later both come to you to present their findings. (Reedsy), You walk into your job and find a secret, coded note pinned to your desk. You are asked to review a luxury hotel on the beach.

You’re a 15-year-old in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

The detective turns out to be your daughter.

Little does he know that she’s a trained assassin who has been preparing to take his life for years. Your character’s lover died in a horrible accident—but one day they simply return, and nobody but your character remembers that they died.

Fantasy Writing Prompts

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has completely opposite spiritual or religious views from you.

(Reedsy), A new candy had been invented that allowed the person who ate it to relive any memory they wanted. God speaks directly to you – what does He say? (Reedsy), Using only dialogue, write a short story about a first date, a reunion between old friends, an argument that gets heated, an adult explaining something to a child, or the reveal of a long-hidden secret.

Feel free to share those in the comments below.

Your character finds out that their deceased twin had multiple passports IDs with different names and faces. Go back in time to the era of your choosing and describe how you live.

How did you improve. As you’re settling in to bed for the night, you hear an unusual scratching sound at your bedroom window. You’re chasing your dream of being the first person to fly. You wake up to a world in which all prisons are shut down, releasing dangerous prisoners into your neighborhood. (@writing.prompt.s), A woman has been dating guy after guy, but it never seems to work out. Coming up with content, getting your pen (or pencil) to paper, and letting your creativity flow is a challenge that many writers struggle with. What does he want? Every adult in town is frozen solid, too. I like how you have researched and presented these exact points so clearly. They’re coming.

Happy writing! Write the beginning of the essay.

You find out that your brother is adopted. A cutthroat business woman swore she’d never find love until her best friend sets her up on a blind date.

Plz help??? Human beings begin to find themselves growing extra limbs as global warming amps up. When he and his human get separated from one another, Bruce has to learn from his forest friends how to get back home. What do you make it into? What is your greatest horror story from traveling?

Both family businesses are looking to make you the next heir. (The Write Practice), Ten years from now, scientists figure out how to stop human aging and extend life indefinitely—but every time someone qualifies for that boost, someone else has to die to keep the surplus population in check. You check out a book from the library and discover that it’s telling the story of your life.

It’s stone—except for the real human head on top. What type of character would you play?

Coming up with content, getting your pen (or pencil) to paper, and letting your creativity flow is a challenge that many writers struggle with. A girl who wants to be a virgin until she gets married faces social pressure about her decision. You and your best friends get to leave school to have lunch anywhere in town. A group of at-risk teenagers are on an overnight camping trip with a wilderness counseling group in Badlands National Park when an arctic blast forces them out of a blizzard and into a cave.

(Reedsy), The lives of two people are changed forever when they coincidentally meet and engage in a weekend-long affair.

Oh, it’s all very humane; one’s descendants get a huge paycheck. A stranger texts the wrong number, and accidentally sends you a declaration of love.

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