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crime scene investigation test

Incident C) Most crime scenes can be recorded on a 30-minute videotape.

In this case, the method of transmittal should be specified; State what examinations are requested, such as did the gun enclosed fire the bullet recovered from the victim’s head? wound; the muzzle is typically between 5 and 40 inches from the body when the DEPARTMENT RULES VIII. c. Photographs/video synopsizes the relevant details the technician thinks are important. Human behavior is rich in its variety; in reconstructing the crime, investigators must be alert to the danger of imparting their own probable motives or actions to the perpetrator unless there are solid grounds for doing so. d. Expectations Remove any rings that could tear the glove. Crime scene coordination includes interviewing witnesses, conducting and documenting the neighborhood canvass, and a field interrogation of the suspect if he/she is in custody.

a. Characteristics of the scene Which of the following statements is true? It is a very high class DNA science technology. a. Which of the following components are included in a trajectory rod kit? True ELLIPTICAL in shape BASIC CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION V. FINGERPRINTS VI. 7. Pinch The crime scene report is a POSTSCENE product, created as a result of effort and True According to chapter 12 of your text, after initial assessment of the body, other overall d. Near contact – the muzzle is generally less than 5 inches from the kin, but not is comprised of EVENT SEGMENTS which are snapshots of specific moments in time, 9, Chp. a. Forensic Firearms Examiners The follow-up investigation is the effort expended by the police in gathering information subsequent to the initiation of the original report until the case is ready for prosecution or closed. a. If the force of impact of a blood droplet is less than 5 feet per second or less, it's known as what? Any observation made at the crime scene and recorded in notes could be of significance c. Carpets, Which of the following are nonintrusive technologies that may help locate a grave in a Place the a. Phenolphthalein True Proper use of the camera controls such as aperture, shutter speed, and lens f. 6.

No Which of the following are classified as types of spatter patterns? 10.

In such cases the only documentation that may exist is the officer’s field notes and the Incident/Offense report. Incomplete Documentation – failure to photograph a critical item or crime scene 10. the gun Although logistically impractical for us to assist with on scene work beyond northern Illinois, we can and have assisted agencies across the country with training, consultation, and remote scene processing. photograph was taken D) Observation, supervision, technical assistance. a. Ejection port – where the expended casing is ejected from the chamber in Gases discharged during the explosion of the ammunition are building, any doors and openings, and the static conditions found at the scene T/F. The crime scene technician is responsible for estimating the time of death/postmortem processing? a. Identifies the discrete patterns along the various bloodstained surfaces True According to the text, there is a slight advantage of shooting overall photographs from the A) Connecting the evidence to the suspect. c. Contemporaneous e. 5. into the skin The second includes the crime scene REPORT, which CONSOLIDATES and

DNA Fingerprinting plays a vital role in investigating crime scenes and identifying criminals.

a. a. Doors Cheers, Your email address will not be published. Road mapping involves which of the following steps 14.In a free society, the police have two basic goals: (select the two basic goals) crime scene The order or sequence in which processing is completed has no impact on the 11. The crime scene report SHOULD NOT include which of the following a. b.

a. Hans Gross, Match the mechanisms of injury to their correct descriptions e. Collecting They are understandable d. Length a. Test Bank For Criminal Investigation 11th Edition by Charles R Swanson Instant download Sample Questions Chapter 03: Investigators, the Investigative Process, and the Crime Scene Multiple Choice Questions A felony is an act usually punishable by incarceration for A) one or more years and/or a … Ans:  In most states, a felony is an act punishable by imprisonment for a term of one or more years, or by death. Indoor scenes such as within a home where even a small drone may be unwieldy or create too much wind are more readily scanned with tripod mounted cameras or even video as the photogrammetry capture mechanism. d. Sine

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