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Shouldn’t be using your knife for a pry bar, either. It’s available with either a plain edge or a partially serrated edge. Speed is important, but I also make note of if a knife ever fails to lock up. experience. ©2016-2018 Close. Make sure you have diamond sharpeners, because the steel is hard, but this knife rocks. It also has a mini deep carry ambidextrous tip-up pocket clip. The Bugout is smaller than the full size Griptilian and 940, but larger than the Mini Griptilian. But seriously what the heck is he doing slicing up smoke grenades for anyway? The steel looks better. That's like buying a $150 dollar trash can to take out the trash. It's no secret Benchmade crafts some of the finest EDC knives available today. The Bugout's downfall is the less sturdy design at the sacrifice of weight. I love how my fingers fall into the grip of the handle. What’s so special? Few knives in recent memory have made as big of a splash as the Benchmade Bugout ($135 on Amazon, $120 at REI). This black out edition features a black graphite molded, carbon fiber reinforced polymer handle. Or browse the other top Benchmade folders in our sweet Best Benchmade Folding Knives article. Blade HQ uses cookies to provide you a better user That type of performance can only be matched by the Compression Lock on Spyderco knives. All without sacrificing the light weight and easy carry for which the Bugout is known. But seriously what the heck is he doing slicing up smoke grenades for anyway? Currently, there are three iterations of the Bugout. He's opening the container that smoke grenades come in. Since its release, the Bugout has absolutely made its presence known. Want something lightweight? The 3.24” drop point blade perfectly complements the dimensions of the handle for a near one to one blade/handle ratio. It’s time to stop the group think. You can be confident carrying any knife with a high Knife Life Score. My only gripe with the Bugout is I don’t love the blue scales, but BladeHQ sells the grey and olive drab one that I like a lot more. The new Benchmade Bugout features upgraded the handle materials. Grinds are even. Carrying the Bugout, I was frequently surprised at how much knife you really get for such a small price. All things pocket knives. I love the bolsters on the Bailout but there is the price difference too. Pro Tip: Go buy Bugout scales from Flytanium in both titanium and carbon fiber. Benchmade Bailout vs. Bugout? From centering and action, to blade grind, and beyond, we’ve all heard it. Slim and just 1.95 oz., you’ll never even notice the Bugout in your pocket. The more I get into knives, the less I like a tanto for anything other than a pseudo razor blade for scraping stuff like parking stickers. I really prefer OD Green… I need a knife with a strong aftermarket mod community. Earlier this year, Benchmade announced and launched both the CF-Elite Bugout and Mini Bugout. Very well! Tasteful design and ritzy details are also important. Utilitarian through and through, this knife is ready for action from the workshop to the campsite and beyond. Drop point better for most things imho. This results in a knife with increased sturdiness and durability. It opens with either ambidextrous thumb studs or with the celebrated AXIS lock. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The woodland green anodized aluminum handles are textured and finished for a super grippy grip. The mini deep carry clip is perfection in jeans, athletic shorts, and beyond. If you’re interested in these knives, click any link in the article or simply click the button below. When the Benchmade Bugout dropped in early 2017, it’s no exaggeration to say it took the world by storm. But if you need to stab some motherfuckers, get the Bailout. What are your thoughts on these two? The HRC on this bad boy is between 62-64 and it has a blade thickness of about 0.09”. Very well! People on the forums love to trash Benchmade. Edit. Unnecessary addition unless you’re talking dive knives. So, basically he's opening a tactical cardboard box, which is the primary use of our knives 99% of the time. Axis Lock knives are basically cheating in this category. How does it stack up to the classics like the 940 and Griptilian? If you want custom from benchmade then the mini Barrage is the way to go. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, grey and olive drab one that I like a lot more. If you want aftermarket I like the bailout. is the place to find information about cutlery of all kinds. I picked up a Benchmade bugout folder in July and I've been carrying it every day since. Part fitment is excellent. At this point I can say you guys NEED to try one out! They are good, USA-made knives that are as sturdy as they are pocket friendly. share. We all know the bugout is a strong and capable knife but putting that build type into a longer knife makes no sense to me. A future revamp with upgraded blade steel and titanium scales from Flytanium would put this knife in rare air. The carbon fiber scales are beloved because they don't add much weight and do add a lot of strength to the knife. Benchmade Bailout vs. Bugout? The aluminum pommel is outfitted with a lanyard slot and a carbid glass breaker. The Benchmade 601 Tengu is a bit of both. I would have loved to see a slightly more premium steel here, but we’ll discuss that at greater length down the line. All Rights Reserved. The handle is extremely slim and there are no rough edges in need of refining. Who is Jimislash, what is PIF, and why the Helle Folkekniven? I personally don’t think that a lightweight edc should be any larger than the bugout. On internet forums and in chats amongst friends, the Bugout has joined the Griptilian and Paramilitary series as perhaps the ‘Easiest to Recommend’ knife for new knife guys. Check out the CF-Elite and Mini Bugout here. Check out our video below with Ben, Zac, and the infamous Hans as they analyze the best Benchmade EDC knives money can buy! They’re both everything you loved about the originals, but they’ve updated the handle materials on one and the steel on the other. For a better look at the Benchmade Bugout check out our video overview where we take a close look at its materials, workmanship and action. The Bugout excels as an EDC folder, but it also makes for a perfect car or emergency bag carry. Im a fan of the bugout just because the recently dropped some with flytanium scales. Both are fine blade shapes and that can 99% of the same exact tasks easily. The CF-Elite Bugout is a full-sized Bugout with upgraded handle scales made with a new carbon fiber infused polymer. Modern flipper or traditional folder? I’d be a little bit nervous whipping this knife out in the middle of a trout stream. Need a little bit more information about the Benchmade Bugout? It’s a bit sturdier and has a touch less flex to it. Considering the amazing warranty, Benchmade offers an incredible value for quality. The fidget factor and aftermarket options bumped up the score a little bit, but this knife isn’t trying to be a looker. Overall, the consistently and level of finish was at an extremely high standard comparable to any of the top 15 brands sold at Blade HQ.

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