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describing place meaning in gujarati

Describing, unlike analyzing, is a pretty low level form of thinking. The restaurants are almost crowded and sometimes I need to wait in a queue to take my seat. Let's get creative. Secondly, this is the only place in the city where I can have some fresh air. Since then different advancements are underway. A great novel can take us back to medieval times, over to deserted islands, or even into a fantasy world. They cannot leave the location easily for its extraordinary beauty. With it, you'll be able to transport readers to fascinating places and times. It is also 75 kilometres southwest of the Port Elizabeth.

Firstly, it is the place where I proposed my wife to marry me. This place (Marine Drive) has a special meaning to me basically for two reasons. This is the place where several hundred surfers come annually to surf on the famous blue sea waves and enjoy the natural beauties of the locality. They also take a sunbath, swim in different hours of the day or enjoy the sunrise in line with the sunset. Besides, the street lights appear like a string of pearl at night. In practice it would be difficult to write literature that drew on just one of the four basic modes. In fact, after a long hefty day, I need a place to be relaxed. Use this list of words to describe places as a springboard for new territory. This is a great place that has a striking shape. A notable number of modern restaurants have opened their outlet in this place and they are operating very well. Besides, there are some local and international star-rated hotels are also available to entertain the tourists. The small town mostly attracts the international surfers for different reasons. The street has numerous street lights and when they are switched on at night, they look awesome. If the show doesn't fit, don't force it. As a result, the entire environment of the J-Bay has become relaxed and wonderful. The city does not need to decorate marking any occasion because it is well decorated round the year to welcome the tourists. So, I come here often and pass around an hour in the local coffee shops.

Meaning and definitions of describe, translation in gujarati language for describe with similar and opposite words. Fat, overweight and famished and thin have unfavourable meaning. I learnt surfing in my teenage with my father and the memories are still vivid in memory. The road is connected with Nariman Point, Babulnath and Malabar Hill.

There are six lanes for vehicles. Description is one of four rhetorical modes, along with exposition, argumentation, and narration. This is the place where I proposed my fiancé to marry me in presence of our relatives. Some of these words may be subject to opinion, such as crowded or touristy, but readers will quickly catch your connotation. This is mostly a C-shaped road made of concrete. To manage lists, a member account is necessary.

The natural bay is another attraction for them. We make use of adjectives such as: fat, thin, slim, overweight, plump, famished, well-built, stocky, These are all adjectives. The words writers choose to describe places are important; they're the vehicle that moves people from place to place.

The surfers enjoy the surfing during the morning and evening hours. Sometimes, it all boils down to the facts of the matter. describe, discover, distinguish, identify, key, key out, name, account, report, depict, draw, delineate, line, trace. This place (Marine Drive) has a special meaning to me basically for two reasons. With a task like that, tired and overused words like "pretty" and "fun" just won't cut it. The majority of the buildings on the side of the road were built long ago and were popular at that time. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Describe a person who you believe dresses well, Talk about a part of your city that is changing, [Special] Recent actual IELTS Writing 2020 Updating…, Download all Cambridge IELTS books pdf+audio (1-15), [Updated] IELTS Cambridge15 PDF + AUDIO 2020, [Ebook] Download Cambridge IELTS 15 General Training pdf + audio, Download IELTS Cambridge15 PDF + AUDIO 2020, Download The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS [Pdf/Audio], IELTS Speaking Part 1 : Home, Family, Friends (Question-Answer), IELTS Speaking Part 1 : Hometown, Village, Living place, City, Tourism, Country, Cue Card #49: Describe a new skill you want to learn, Cue Card 2020 #23: Describe a change that can improve your local area. Try to evoke scents as well as sights with your prose. But, plump and slim are favourable in their meaning. In the weekends, I come to enjoy the sunset scene with my wife. In fact, this was a small fishing town where people now come mostly for water sport on the wave and on the sandy beach, enjoy the sunset, play with dolphins, and other recreational activities. Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages. You can create your own lists to words based on topics. You could describe a war or the perfect Utopia. The moments become really special then. In fact, after a long hefty day, I need a place to be relaxed. Get ready to roll up your writing sleeves and enjoy this list of words to describe places. Seashells and gorgeous white sandy beach are the key attractions for the surfers and tourists. The sunrise and sunset scenarios are also breathtaking and mostly attract romantic couples from home and abroad. It is near the coast and is visited by a good number of people. The road is also termed as the Queen’s necklace for its C-shape. Will any of these descriptive words for places stoke the flames of your next scene? Truth is, the more we read, the more words will stick to our memory bank. The white sandy beach glitters by the sunlight and appears that stars glittering on the land. The town has expanded more after the 1960s when it was used as a location for filming the movie ‘Endless Summer’. identify as in botany or biology, for example, to give an account or representation of in words. Commonly it is known as the J-Bay, this is an exotic location near the Port Elizabeth under the Eastern Cape region. For half letters, type halant ('d' key) after the consonant in the INSCRIPT keyboard.

© 2020, All rights reserved. and explain why this place has a special meaning to you. Jeffreys Bay is a small heaven on earth in South Africa. The J-Bay is very special for me because I have lots of memories here, particularly with the beach. The words we choose will allow the reader to understand the writer's perspective. Then, come on over. Writers can use black words on a white page to transport readers out of their sofa and into foreign lands. This place is commonly known as Marine Drive. What describe means in gujarati, describe meaning in gujarati, describe definition, examples and pronunciation of describe in gujarati language. See more. When I had mental troubles, I used to (and still I do) come here to relax and think deeply to get the better solution. Firstly, it is the place where I proposed my wife to marry me. But the night view of the town is highly charming and sitting on the beach makes a sense of deep relaxation. If we can find the right words to conjure up a three-dimensional scene, readers are likely to book return flights with their favorite authors. Note that 'matra' is added after the consonant. We mean to criticize the person we are describing.

English Gujarati Dictionary | અંગ્રેજી ગુજરાતી શબ્દકોશ. All Rights Reserved. But the place is mostly used now for communication and recreational purposes. This is a long boulevard in South Mumbai.

To call something bustling and vibrant is quite different from desolate and deserted. Here's how to write a short story. I am in love with the white sandy beach! Marine Drive is facing the west and south and west again. There are palm trees on the street and there is also a beach available in the northern end of the road. Thereby, hundreds of visitors are found in the evening and sometimes they sit by the picturesque beach silently. Considering all the aspects, the J-Bay is a great place for me and I do not need to go anywhere else to pass my leisure. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Go ahead and call it polluted, rundown, or even horrifying. It was constructed by a philanthropist. Description is the pattern of narrative development that aims to make vivid a place, object, character, or group. Because anything ending in ‘y' or ‘I' is of the female gender, such as chokri . To be more specific, the avenue is in the south part of Mumbai where the coast is located. Gujarati definition, an Indic language of western India. The entire town is under the domination of Eastern Cape Province governance. Therefore, this is a very special place to me. The waves are interesting and famous around the world. Now the beauty of the road has also increased and it has become a good place to get entertained. A baby girl is ‘baby' but a baby boy is ‘babo'.

Geographically, J-Bay is located adjacent to the N2 Highway. Visiting different places is my hobby and whenever I get a chance, I try to pay visits. We provide a facility to save words in lists. The boulevard is geographically located in Mumbai. This is a Gujarati improvisation of the word ‘baby'. But I have a very special place here in Mumbai.

The first task asked of you "Describe a place or environment" -- is also the least challenging part of the question. How about unspoiled terrain or stormy waters? The entire J-bay looks wonderful. This is a 3.6 kilometres long road. Secondly, this is the only place in the city where I can have some fresh air. Also find spoken pronunciation of describe in gujarati and in English language. The job of fiction writers is to transport their readers to fascinating places and times. Perhaps you're visiting ancient ruins or staying at a contemporary resort. Earlier, it was a tiny town where only fishermen lived and now the area of the town is expanding to accommodate the extensive tourists and guests. The road is officially known as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. But this is a perfect place to spend some leisure hours, particularly enjoying the sunset scenes is a hobby for many like me. When I was a kid, I used to come here with my neighbouring friends to swim and participate in other forms of water sports etc. Until then, let's start traveling. describing, we talk about weight in general terms.

Get free IELTS speaking, listening, vocabulary and writing practice samples and be 100% ready with an assortment of IELTS prep apps. Are you looking to kickstart your writing adventures with a short story? Here are some unbiased descriptors to help you label a place: It's kind of like a superpower.

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