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gnome names pathfinder

A gnome could also do fairly well with a Dex-based build, using Weapon Finesse and Dervish Dance to replace Strength with Dex in as many ways as possible. Erastil • Keen Senses: A +2 bonus to the best skill in the game is always welcome. I mentioned the favored class option… gnomes have the option to use their Oracle’s Curse ability as if they were a higher level character, and some Curses are very powerful, especially at higher Oracle levels. Lissala • This feat requires a full-round action to reduce a target’s save against the next spell you cast, and it has to be a spell in your chosen arcane school. Her symbol is a gem cut into the shape of a six sided die. Gnomes make some of the best Sorcerers in the game, thanks to their boost to Charisma and their innate magical abilities. All of this adds up to Oracle being one of the best choices for a gnome, alongside Sorcere and Summoner.

I would highly recommend the Beast Rider archetype to gain access to some of the more powerful mount options, and it leads very nicely into the Mammoth Rider prestige class, which is just ridiculously powerful. The penalty to Strength is a little painful, but can be overcome. [Illusion resistance, Obsessive]: This one is a nice ability, and if you’re going to play a Rogue, Ninja, or Alchemist, you’ll proabably want to pick it up. Like, all the time.. Oracle: While this favored class option is not nearly as amazing as the one that elves get, you will still find that being treated as a higher class level for your Oracle’s Curse ability will serve you very well. This can come in handy in shadowy areas, though in my experience most DMs only really pay attention to darkvision. Darkvision [Low-light vision, Keen senses]: This is another ability that is probably worth the trade-off about 90% of the time, so even though I love getting a boost to perception and low-light vision, I’d say this is probably a good choice. The fastest way to get into this prestige class is with three levels of Wizard and three of Rogue or Ninja. Again, spending a feat to get a few extra cantrips is just not worth it. A gnome’s boost to Con is helpful, but the boost to Charisma is not so much. In the case of the gnome, ranged fighter is definitely the winner. Gnomes are hearty and easy-going, gaining a +2 to Constitution and Charisma, but their small size hurts their Strength score. Other worthy options for a gnome Fighter include the, (for all the reasons that I like the Cavalier as a gnomish option), and the, (because Teamwork Feats can be a great way to help boost your party while kicking butt in your own right. There is also an interesting (though not terribly strong) racial archetype for gnomes, the Saboteur, which focuses very strongly on stealth and subterfuge.

The penalty to Strength is a little painful, but can be overcome.

Ranger: Adding DR to your animal companion is pretty sweet, though you won’t see the benefit of this until you actually GET an animal companion at 4th level. Desna • For a Wizard or Bard, who probably has good Knowledge checks anyway, this probably isn’t worth your time. The only time I’d consider taking this trait is if I were going to play a mostly-crafting-based character and wanted to be able to pull out any of a large number of exotic weapons that I had created when needed, which would be fun and flavorful, but not very powerful.
[Defensive training, Hatred]: This doesn’t seem like a super powerful ability, but just think back on the last time your DM asked “do any of you speak X language”, and when no one responded he or she said “oh well!” and continued with the campaign. Other than those few specific points, Inquisitor is a decent, but not amazing, choice for a gnome. If you want to be a more nature-loving alchemist, you could consider the, archetype, bottling your nature-themed allies and setting them loose on your enemies.

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