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how fast should a 40 year old run a mile

Good morning to all of you. That is how you should approach running. High intensity intervals, weight training and good nutrition are essential to keeping in shape (an untra runner and CTS athlete myself) Nice read. It gives me the energy to run (relatively) fast downhill, overtaking many racers who are still recuperating from their vertical running. JUST DIE ALREADY. I’m 58 and I’m a slug. That’s not exactly what happened. Just trying to ease my way back into it. However, around the age of 52 I decided to give it a go. For the pace I like (around 5.30/km) my heart rate is 155-160. Perhaps cycle for 10 mins if you have a stationary bike, or just warm them walking.

Running marathons has nothing to do with what most people would reasonably call physical fitness. I am convinced (maybe whimsically) that this will aid in maintaining my health.
The responses referencing intensity and strength training would be better framed as reminders that we can benefit from Andy’s points by reviewing our training plans (including type, frequency and dose of intensity and strength training), with his thoughts in mind. As a now 50-year-old, I agree with what you say. When I was younger my competitive side definitely showed up on event day and the race’s outcome was the goal. So if your quick and agile you'll be fine many great players didn't have sub 4.5 times so don't worry about it. That, to me, seems to be the point. I am 76 and can’t find info dealing with older athletes. “When I turned 50 I felt like an old man, just like that.”. And guess what, that’s just fine! I am a 57 year old woman and I thought the slow start of morning runs was only reserved for women.

If I may, running is something people like myself started as children in grade school.

AJW, I can’t believe how many comments this post generated; this topic clearly hits a nerve! Most of all, there is something mystical about pushing yourself to the limit and when you put your foot on the plate at the finish line, it’s worth it — and all the people I’ve met and places running has taken me to is a gift I will always cherish. Even though I’d been doing other cardio work, nothing quite nails the heart and lungs like running. I have been a runner for years.

I live just outside of Pittsburgh and there really isn’t a flat place to be found so I’m faced with alot of hills.

Warm up is essential. My strong bike and run allowed me to break 2 hours 10 minutes in the Olympic Distance triathlon as well. Regardless of how fast or slow I might be, I plan to keep running 1/2s and fulls for as long as I can – -and when I can’t run anymore, I’ll still try to get out there and do my best. I’m a man of average strength and health, and it turned out that aerobic running was the exercise that was right for me. It appears you must end up playing with people who are 10 to 20 years younger than you. Do the Pittsburgh Steelers have a great chance of going to the Super Bowl? I am 59, ran competitively through College.

I doubt Andy is suggesting we lay back and adopt the easier path of using only LSD to train after 50. While I need more steps, depending upon how my first minutes go will determine whether this will be a slow HR Z2, temp, or intensity run. No competition no rush just enjoying that euphoric feeling we all know that comes from it. Your attitude, which may, in fact work well for you, may be “ego driven nonsense” to others. At some point, you’ll realize you can’t run a sub-20 minute 5K anymore. But I believe your legs and knees get stronger. The true goal is to stay physically healthy, and you will enjoy life better!

If you live long enough smarty pants. Your problem is not age it’s an enormous inferiority complex that you are working out in public.

Takes forever and I’m sore afterward for a while but, once I recover, the cold beers I know I deserve and they taste great — albeit without any in-person company! As such, it’s important to put our brains to good use and continue to train the mind.

The only thing I’ll add is to be careful stretching muscles that are not warmed up. I love all your comments. What type of weight training exercises do you do? Consistency of Training: our body reacts positively to regular training as the “training effect” comes into play.

I guess I’ll find out this summer in my next Half. It is now a challenge to run a sub 2 hour half marathon, I feel I have to train more.

I’m curious if your diets have changed and what you eat on a daily basis. I started running at 45, completed a mountain ultra at 47 and will be 50 on Friday. I have never even dreamed of doing such a thing, and in fact I doubt if I have ever run a sub-six minute mile in my life. Currently I am running -10 minute miles or 28 minutes for three miles. Great tips. Some days i feel great…other days…especially when it hot outside…i find it difficult.. Thats si So cool Sr. i’m 61 and run 3 Miles Daily i feel great but i’m not Shure if this is tío much ?? Big cliffs happen regularly sprinkled throughout the forties .. and yea another one happened at 50. Haven’t had the time to run as regularly as I’d like, but I’ve been getting out there the past couple months on average 3X per week. i m very sad… but sir Andy Jones bog is encaraged me. Having quality hard efforts also builds confidence, so even though I have fewer of them these days I find I get more bang for my buck out of them. So, knowing that I got in the lottery for NY Marathon for 2019, I have decided that — if I want to continue running marathons, I have to drop about 30 lbs. I don’t run never was a runner…I want to run…what’s your opinion.. Hello my friend iam 62 the advice is start slow dont get hurt walk first then until you feel comfortable walk and run short distances until you get to a level that you can run without stopping make sure you get into a stretching routine before you start eat well and you will see your body getting better and stronger guareented . Keith, I see you did the South Downs Way 100 Miler? I am wary of the nostalgic yearning for the strength and durability of youth, but if you kid yourself that those are attainable if you just try hard enough, you’re courting injury. Not that I have a problem with it but 20 years difference does affect your speed and agility to compete.

Weight Management: we have a natural tendancy to gain weight as we get older. I agree that I should celbrate that I can still make it to the starting line and cross the finish line with a smile, but I sometimes regret the slowing. I ran my first 100-mile race last year, two more this year and I’m still happily working up to harder races, new challenges. Oh I so miss those days where sub 6 minute miles were a warm up to a 6 or 7 mile run.

All the tendons were so painful I thought it was running over.

I try to train consistently but have had off on on periods over the past few years where I will take a month or so off.

So run, you codgers. My time was 11:23 in which I was very disappointed but had people staring at me with open mouths like they were watching a movie star on set.

It can be discouraging but so grateful to be back out there! At 60 I realized I was never going to get faster than I am (competitive Nordic skiing, road biking, trail running, etc.) Congrats You have motivated me to keep on. Now I suffer exhaustion at about 1.5. I’ve also found that mobility plays a huge role in my body as to the comfort of running and even just getting out of bed. Mathematically, the time you spend doing stretching increases at an arithmetic progression rate as you get older. So we all gotta hang in there, and set different goals every year. Nothing better! Oh good, it’s not just me…. I really enjoy it and feel like I’m missing out if I don’t run. I JUST DID MY OWN RESEARCH AND TAKE WHAT I FEEL IS RIGHT FOR ME. I personally guide many of them about daily routine and at least try to be busy with some physical activities. I’m probably fitter now than I’ve ever been in my life – and I’ve always been fairly active. Agree. 81 seconds for 400m is really good for 57. Knocked 12 minutes off my pb for 10k last weekend to get in under 60 minutes (I know it’s not v fast, but remember where I’m coming from here) Just had a great 16k mountain run and getting ready for my first 50km next month. When I was 14 I ran a 5.3 and people thought I flew on the field. But I thank God for what running has meant to me and the sanity it has given me battling vertigo and balance issues. Pingback: Ultramarathon Daily News | Tue, Dec 10 | I always wished I had not waited so long to start running, because there is still so many places I want to go with it!

Will do this as long as I can, then probably resort to walking. Just walking for now, want to start slow and build to a full run again. Kind of like when I got to a new lake to fish for the first time I don’t spend my entire time trying to learn a new lake because that can be time wasted. But is because runners tend to be lighter and run as they have healthy knees? As a former Consultant in a hospital, I do wonder whether the warning signs of joint damage are sufficiently well known.

I have managed to run all these years and it has been the best thing I have been able to do, despite the fact that about 10 years ago my doctor told me that I had already run enough and it was time to stop … of course I changed doctor!

The article and points regarding intensity and strength training aren’t mutually exclusive—I don’t read him to be addressing those specific points at all. I just turned 68, and ten weeks ago I decided to build up my aerobic base.

I live in Alberta Canada and started longer distance cross-county sking in my 40’s. Thanks for sharing your thoughts… restarted running at 55/56… finding it enjoyable for the most part and like you can’t picture the marathon as a part of my reality… however I’m working toward my 1st 1/2 marathon this December… I have similar goals, keep everything working to the end! Revealed: Why COVID-19 kills some patients but not others, Disney CEO 'extremely disappointed' in Calif. leaders, 7-foot-1 prospect puts basketball world on notice, Strategist warns of big Dow drop in event of lockdown, 'Nothing abnormal' about huge gator, experts say, Tom Brady loses jet skis in Tropical Storm Eta, CDC outlines which masks are most effective, Senator's 'tone deaf' tweet on Lakers, Dodgers slammed, A close look at Trump campaign election lawsuits, Former 'DWTS' pro felt lost after Seacrest breakup, 'Crazy train': GOP lawmaker rips Trump's fraud claims. What channel number is One America News on Dish Network? I mention my age, 86, only because it seems part of the general introduction. Thanks for your coment I’m 59 and I have been running For 40 years, and I have to say That I am grateful and thankful That I can still running with Literally no problems or pains, And yes, like you, I will keep Running until the end. Many younger runners have, over the years, practiced the hard/easy training pattern on a weekly and monthly basis. After that I felt it was okay to now call myself a runner! In my opinion, we won’t accomplish what we’re capable of as Masters (which includes Open podium appearances at some events), if we don’t embrace both the fact we’re capable of pushing ourselves much harder than easy miles represent as well as understanding when to apply some clutch and brake.
Let a professional teach you the basics and then you can run the rest of your life at your own pace without injury. Every human should be able to run a mile in 8 minutes with proper form, and as a coach, this is my requirement for clients to progress in mileage.

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