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how to help uyghurs in china

And there’s still something to be said for the symbolic nature of sanctions, said David Shear, who served as the Pentagon’s top Asia official from 2014 to 2016. If you’re not sure who your local MP is, enter your postcode on this website. For one, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection on Monday banned imports from four Chinese companies and a manufacturing company suspected of exploiting forced labor from the Uighur minority. For several years now, China has been systematically repressing its Uighur Muslim minority in the western province of Xinjiang — millions of Uighurs have been detained in “reeducation” camps, where they are subjected to grievous human rights abuses including torture, sexual abuse, forced sterilization, family separation, and brainwashing. newsletter. The Chinese government uses mobile apps, facial recognition software, and other programs to track Uighurs in Xinjiang. Everyone is scared. Multiple reports have documented products made by Uighurs against their will in the supply chains of major companies including Adidas, Calvin Klein, and H&M. ©2020 FOX News Network, LLC. The mounting global pressure on Beijing started only after information about the horrors going on leaked out in 2017. But if the US wants to get serious about stopping China from harming more Uighurs, it needs to reverse course. Without deep US involvement to counter China’s goal to make the UN more Beijing-friendly, then, experts worry there may be no effective way to push back on the country at the global organization. "The U.S. should publicly request the International Olympic Committee review China's suitability to host the 2022 Olympics, among other actions," Enos said. Encourage them to organize fundraising dinners, rallies, protests, and anything else that you feel would help the cause. Some women who were eventually released from the camps later report their doctors informed them that they are now sterile. “Anything the US does on its own will only be read as yet another tactic in its desire to ‘contain’ China,” Jessica Teets, a China expert at Middlebury College who edits the Journal of Chinese Political Science, told me. Yet this story is one of many when it comes to the missing in this far-flung pocket of the world; it represents a small slice of a burgeoning file of alleged human rights abuses. Support. or redistributed. Legal Statement.

Experts I spoke to identified four major ways to do just that. “Congress must act to deny the Chinese government access to cutting-edge technologies that can be used to track and persecute Uighurs,” Wagner told me. Here’s what the science says.

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