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how to study for series 7

11 thoughts to get you started, Suck it up: 8 Steps to Getting through 100+ Hour Weeks as an IB Analyst, Podcast: TE140: Doug Foley The Breakout Blueprint - 11/24, Podcast: E141: Chris Hutchins (Wealthfront) - Automating your financial life - 12/8, Podcast: E143: Eoghan McCabe (Intercom) - Insecurities and ego in business - 12/22, Podcast: E144: Kate Miller (Miss Grass) - Building a cannabis brand - 1/5, Podcast: E145: Ross Richmond (Arrive Outdoor) - The future of the sharing economy - 1/19. Guy doesn't walk on the lot unless he wants to buy. Theres gotta be people on here who have taken the 7 and used a particular study guide.....come on guys a little help! I took 6-7 exams and studied the class handouts.

You do NOT want this to happen to you, you can miss out on MILLIONS. My most purpose to study this is to get more knowledge about this industry and maybe have potential opportunity after.

Knopman is what I used when I took the 79... Any chance you want to ship me yours? You need to be sponsored by a firm in order to take most of the finra series exams. How the test is timed blaze thru all the questions you know right of the bat then go back and work the questions you need to think about. I believe anyone could pass the exam on their first try by following a similar approach. This kid spent more than an hour writing up a post about a retarded test that you can pass if you read the damn book and take a few practice tests. The pre-Oct. 1, 2018 Series 7 exam is 250 questions and 6 hours long. All you need is a 70% to pass, and there is margin for error. So do your research. You only need a 72 to pass and most people I know do better on the actual test than their practice tests. Continue this method and finish the book as soon as possible - you are just getting started. & what we can do in life?

If you're struggling with a math question, try drawing diagrams. Feeling frustrated as everyone retains info differently....any suggestions greatly appreciated!!! It is suggested that all students taking Series 7 classes spend a minimum of 90 hours with their materials and score consistently in the mid-80's on practice exams before attempting to sit for the exam.

They changed the test in 2012 right? So I would like to know the right material I can have and study efficiently. Also used STC here, but I don't expect Pass Perfect or other companies to be all that different. I highly suggest the Kaplan study book/program. Not 100%, i worked at a relatively small boutique and all we needed was 79 and 63. the 66 is tougher because of all of the odd regulations, the 3 is tough as well. I had some questions that were identical to my practice questions, and the majority were extremely similar.

We don't hire brokers here, we train new ones. You're also probably a woman, given the name and "xoxo" signoff, so maybe the lack of judgment is to be expected.[/quote]. When I took the 7, on my third pass through of the prep tests, I was scoring in the high 90s (95-98%) and was completing the exam in about 2 and a half hours. Second- Interns almost never are required (or even permitted) to take the Series 7. Thank you so much for your comments. There's not enough room to write all my thoughts about the exam here, but in case anyone finds it helpful, I've shared in great detail my approach to preparing for the exam on the website Personal Finance Insider. If you want additional comfort, check out Investopedia's Series 7 prep. Jack: They’re all former investment bankers who were laid off from that economic crisis that Nancy Pelosi caused. This is what the firm provided me when I took mine.

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