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john 1:1:11 meaning

It is at the end of the story that we read the meaning of it and the significance of timing, faith, and glory. A resource for the whole church from Luther Seminary. She was always a woman of faith who believed in her son.

<> Genesis 1 …

Another item to note is that anarthrous Greek nouns often refer to the “character”, or “nature”, of the noun in question. He is not aloof to the human plight. Galilee was known for its thieves, rebels, and Gentiles. Jesus’ hour had not yet come. It is beside the point to dwell on there being six jars, one short of seven, the number symbolic of perfection and completeness. Introduction The challenge for preaching this text lies with communicating the abundant goodness portrayed in the story without succumbing to two “preaching pitfalls.” The first pitfall would be to trivialize the miracle because it does not accomplish as worthy an end as healing the sick, feeding the hungry, or raising the dead, or because it appears to show that Jesus enjoys a good party. stream Today’s lection begins a four-part reading through chapters 12, 13, and 15 of Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians for the Sundays of Epiphany. The narrative lectionary is a four-year cycle of readings Read more. The “third day” language in verse 1, suggestive as it is of Jesus’ resurrection after three days, clues us into the symbolic nature of this particular miracle story. 3 0 obj Not only was there enough wine for the whole village now, it was better than what had first been served. %PDF-1.5 Jesus’ response to her in verse 4 sounds rude and harsh to us, but he is not being hostile to her.1, Jesus often uses the greeting “Woman” to address women without intending any rudeness or hostility (e.g., 4:21; see also Matthew 15:28; Luke 22:57).

Faith is the purpose of the miracle, as it is in all the miracles in John’s Gospel. Instead of rehearsing this material, he goes for the meaning of John's ministry. " It was not meant to happen, but the persistence of his mother led him to perform what has become one of the most famous of his miracles. It is not some flashy show of divine power. By the time the chief steward tastes it in verse 9, the water had become wine. The chief steward is said not to know where the wine came from, while the lowlier servants do. Nor was there a thunder clap to herald the event. The view that the replacing of purification water with Jesus’ wine is symbolic of Jesus’ superiority over Jewish ritual customs is commonly found in commentaries, but this reading fails to consider that Jesus himself orders the jars to be filled with water (verse 7). Jesus was even reluctant to do anything at the event. A sheepfold is a large enclosed or fenced area in which sheep can spend the night. That Mary does not respond directly to him in verse 5 is a tacit agreement on her part that he is to take the initiative to act. It’s just that many are not satisfied with the response. %���� There were six of them. John even points out to his reader the significance of the miracle. If so, his mother doesn’t seem perturbed by it and tells the servants to do whatever he tells them.

She is introduced first because of her prominent role in the story. Faith is not a matter of coercion but of wonder at the miracle of Christ. His use of traditional Jewish ritual objects shows him as creating something new precisely through his Jewish context.5 The miracle is about abundant goodness — about “grace upon grace” (1:16) — and the goodness of Judaism and its God overflows with the appearance of Jesus in the world. But with faith in Christ as the source and meaning of all good things, whatever we do will be done for the proper reason: out of thanks to Christ for filling our lives. God is responsive to people’s needs. The real bridegroom who served this superior wine, Jesus, has “now” appeared, ushering into the world God’s abundant goodness and grace in a definitive way. The most important word he says (again, not realizing he should be speaking to Jesus) is the last one: “now.”.

One could go in a variety of directions in preaching on this psalm. But no one actually saw it. God of revelation,You made your son known at a wedding, a public celebration of love. It is in Galilee. He is the apex of God’s glory. 2. This quiet miracle is the manifestation of Christ’s glory. Present at the wedding are Jesus, his disciples, and Jesus’ mother, never called Mary in the Fourth Gospel (see 2:1, 3, 5, 12; 19:25). But this quiet miracle belies that conclusion by suggesting that sometimes God does His work without taking out an ad in the paper. The head-waiter made the ironic statement that the good wine had been saved “until now.” Of course, this is a symbolic way of saying that Jesus is better than what had come before. More important is the quantity they hold, a point the narration emphasizes with the details each held “twenty or thirty gallons” and that the servants “filled them up to the brim.” For the interpretation of this miracle, what matters most is that a whole lot of water becomes a whole lot of wine. According to John’s Gospel, the proper response to such revelation is belief, as the disciples demonstrate here. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S>> Precisely when the miracle occurs is a mystery. In John 11:46-57, the chief priests and the Pharisees are told what Jesus did and "from that day on they planned to put him to death." The amount of wine that Jesus produces may seem like a humorous exaggeration to us, but this exaggerated amount is precisely why John introduces Jesus’ public acts with this story. Amen. When the guests were getting parched and the host nervous, and there was no recourse but to shut the party down, it is at this point that Jesus quietly intervenes. It is important to recognize the seriousness with which the Fourth Evangelist took this pericope, placing it in his Gospel as the first of Jesus’ signs. <> GOOD WINE & TRUE VINE.

The structure of John 2:1-11 is typical of a miracle story: the setting is established (verses 1-2), a need arises (verses 3-5), a miracle addresses that need (verses 6-8), and there is a response to that miracle (verses 9-11).

Even if he is inconvenienced by the request, his heart is larger than the stone jars. His life and work go beyond the boundaries of race and nation. English translations of John 1:5 variously translate the Greek κατελαβεν as "understanding" (e.g.

Galilee was known for its thieves, rebels, and Gentiles. It was in Gentile territory that Jesus made his adult home and performed his first miracle in the Gospel of John. Sermons are not political essays designed to enlighten the rabble and produce enough guilt to get them to recycle their wine bottles, but to communicate faith in Jesus Christ.

Without explicitly requesting that he do anything, her telling Jesus they have no wine implies that she wants him to do something and that she believes he can solve this problem. Cana is not in Judea. John even points out to his reader the significance of the miracle. From the very beginning therefore, Jesus is portrayed as a trans-national figure in the Gospel. His glory is not for mere display, but has the purpose to fulfill his service to his creation. The calling of the first disciples is narrated and in much more detail. A resource for the whole church from Luther Seminary. The final verse tells us the miracle at Cana is the first of Jesus’ “signs.” It “revealed his glory,” and as a result “his disciples believed in him.” By referring to Jesus’ miracles as “signs,” John’s Gospel shifts attention away from the miracle itself toward the greater eschatological reality to which it points. Oh, worship the king   ELW 842Jesus shall reign   ELW 434, H82 544, UMH 157, NCH 300  Earth and all stars   ELW 731, Assistant Professor of Theology/ Profesor Asistente de Teología. The steward assumes it came from the bridegroom of the wedding being celebrated, but for John the real bridegroom present at the wedding is Jesus (see 3:29). 2 0 obj The stone jars at the wedding would have been huge containers capable of holding eighteen to twenty gallons of water each. Its occurrence is narrated as an aside (“When the steward tasted the water that had become wine”). 1.On the dynamics of the interaction between Jesus and Mary in this reading, see Raymond E. Brown, The Gospel According to John (2 vols. Within the theology of John’s Gospel, no human being, not even his mother, can determine Jesus’ “hour,” that is, the saving work he does to restore the relationship between humanity and God. John did not render it that way, that implies that John had a different meaning in mind. Is Jesus being rude? Perhaps John, aware of the Greek ideas, used this term to show them the true meaning of the “logos.” But I think the clear link in John 1 with Genesis 1 primarily roots his meaning of “logos” in the Old Testament (Andreas Kostenberger, John [Baker], p. 27). Faith is why we preach.

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