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justice league vs thanos with infinity gauntlet

@masterkungfu: reed and those guys do not use time travel to go up against the guys who control time and the omniscient people they face like galactus, , they build things or get artifacts to help defeat them ie the ultimate nullifier. I'd need more information to really discuss it. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are also strong enough to do some damage (assuming Flash and Superman don't just rip off the gauntlet and throw him into the sun) and Batman and Cyborg could tie up the Black Order and Thanos with gadgets, but most of the work is probably going to be done by those the two fastest members. The other half is him getting blitzed.

Which means it’s time to run through the team’s individual profiles, and how they fit into the fight. Plus, much like Mantis in Avengers: Infinity War, this could provide a moment to try and remove that pesky Infinity Gauntlet from his hands. People say DCEU Superman hasn't shown massive feats as of yet, but remember that Iron Man was able to stop Thanos from snapping his fingers with pretty much just his hands, which Superman would be able to do easily. The flash wins alone. Don't do it when you can post again.

If R1 is similar to the Titan battle, where Thanos is ambushed by the Justice League, which has had around 3-4 hours of prep time, then the battle might go either way. Not a chance, not after spending a million years in the sun. Lmao not a chance in hell.

I can’t recall any strength feats in the dceu that can even come close to this, much less matching it. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend.
I'll agree that the Avengers are a little rough when it comes to things and they broke it up worse then any band because they couldn't trust or work well together. Infinity Gaunlet>>>>>>Eternity, Death, Oblivion and others. @masterkungfu: dr dooms time machine is not the same as he isn't going up against someone who controls the very thing in which he would be traveling. The thing about Thanos is that outside of culling populations, unless he wants to kill you because you’ve offended him in some way (Loki, Heimdall), he honestly thinks you’re a threat to his plans (Iron Man) or your death is an unavoidable part of his plans (Vision), he uses just enough power to incapacitate his opponents instead of killing them. You got flagged, by a few users and rightfully so. Batman's suit then Regenarates itself.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. R1. That is what prep is... so the jl team would be able to build something or get an artifact that is more powerful than the ig... thanos would not pay attention to them if they are looking for something or building something. Superman just stays in the air forever. After Thanos has all the stones he is able to go and travel where ever he wants and he has set him self to clearing out all dementions including the DC universe as well so he goes there by him self to concer each one by one. The scenario takes them to an open field, much like the battle that took place in Wakanda. R2. The JLA trains together, they hang out after 'work', they know each other's weakness and strengths. He could even sneak up on Thanos if he’s lassoed up by Wonder Woman, in an effort to remove the Gauntlet by force.

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