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lair of the clockwork god walkthrough

Two of these you already have, and for the other hopefully you’ll find inspiration.

Talking to Tarquin doesn’t help much, but can you do other stuff with him?

Note: this RAM will sometimes be stuck in the floor. Once you’ve figured it out, remember to keep an eye out for points of interest on your way through! It is quite an interesting game in the sense it can’t be categorized into a single main genre. Ben will notice that there are two doors, one locked and one sealed. If not, then use of Ben’s FarLook ability will highlight the way to depower the forcefield. That Nomosaur lady says he needs to be blue, wet and covered in green seaweed. Try to find that office she mentioned, maybe you can get some Platformer papers there…, Respawner: Alright, you’ve done the three things so now you’ll respawn at the end, but now it won’t let you through because it can see your seaweed!

Finally, if you’ve done all this stuff and you’re still stuck, take a quick break to ponder the current conundrum. Monsters: No points for being brave here, so try being sneaky and cowardly instead…. Keep an eye out for other interaction options too (perhaps you can high-five someone as well as talk to or examine them!). He hasn’t got time to build up his muscles so he’ll need a short-cut: something combined to give him faster legs and more energy to use them. The filters are broken, so perhaps there’s another way to block the sunlight. Go back down, and use said backpack/hand with the window. This article talks about the walkthrough and the complete guide of Lair of the Clockwork God. This article talks about the walkthrough and the complete guide of Lair of the Clockwork God.
You’ll need courage, a weapon and the right words. Dan can’t shoot Balloon-Head through her forcefield, but thankfully we know how to get past forcefields now – take out their power! Too-high jump: Dan needs to upgrade from his measly single-jump to a powerful double-jump, so he can reach higher places. You can find, in separate pages, also trainers, achievements and cheats.

The ghosts don’t seem to hurt you; maybe they could help instead? Hopefully you’ve watched a video on the internet ever and you know how to make cola EXPLODE. Ben’s more complex Adventuring set-up requires him to prove he died at the end of the level so he’ll be respawned there and skip all that stupid jumping. Then, walk right towards the gun shop, and use the now Wet Mophead from your inventory on it. Many Cheats, Cheat Codes and Walkthroughs for Videogames since 1999. Coffee: You need to grab that cup somehow.

Getting Dan past the ice: So now you got Dan through space *and* an alien nest, but there’s more ice in the way. Remember you’ve got your FarLook to do a quick scan for interactive stuff, and make sure you’ve walked the full length of the area.
Dan and Ben are separated! Your email address will not be published. Back in the VR room, that door’s still locked, there are still three broken water-pipes and the VR helmet is still hanging there tantalisingly. Use the Spike we picked up on the last level on the Frozen Woman then, after doing so, pull her Backpack (and hand). Have an explore with Dan to see if there’s anything he can use to help. Sorry about that, it’s one of two glitches we just can’t seem to fix…. Whenever you’re stuck, ask yourself: what are my current goals; what are the obstacles to those goals; how can I overcome those obstacles; can Ben and Dan help each other out? Dan will find something shiny and floaty to attract his magpie-like Platformer mind…. Required fields are marked *, Lair of the Clockwork God Walkthrough Tips. Green seaweed: Can you find any seaweed or anything that looks like it? Good news! Rut-roh! After this introduction, here is the walkthrough we promised to you. Then, this being a realistic jungle simulator, there are some more vines blocking the way forward.

Welcome to the IND13 walkthrough of Lair of the Clockwork God!

Dan can’t push that crate because it’s hanging off the ground, but Ben can help with that. Have you got anything in your inventory that would help? The dark: To help Dan feel a little safer going through the dark sections, perhaps Ben can make a light source and get it to him somehow.

Once you’ve got Ben within interaction range of the power source, he might not want to risk using his hands, but the stuff you’ve picked up on your way here should prove useful.

This is a complete step-by-step guide with solutions to all puzzles, a detailed achievements guide, and all Luxomail locations. There’s also one person with an actual avatar voting you down for a different reason. Typical evil brain. There’s a logical solution to this, but it’s a little tasteless….

Hold Right Click to direct your sight/aim a weapon and Left Click to shoot a weapon, if holding any. RAM: Dan managed to open that door, *somehow*, so you’ve got a whole new space to play in! And remember, if Ben can’t reach something, Dan can often help! Take a careful peek through the window – can you see anything out there that might help? And these other ones are exclusive to Dan, they only work for the platforming scenarios: Lair of the Clockwork God Walkthrough and Guide. Perhaps an equivalent item, then?

Is there anything around that could help make Ben feel lighter than air?

Door: Only a Platformer’s body-weight on the pressure-pad can open this door, but the only one around is buried six feet under, orange jumpsuit, backpack and all. Ben reckons he can use the sunlight to get rid of the ice, but even if he polishes up an inventory item all nice and shiny, he still doesn’t have a direct line from the sun to the ice – he’ll need a second reflective item that he can position in just the right spot, somehow…, Ghost circle: You need to get to that exit over on the right. Can you find either of those? After that, all the advice I can give you is: run! Alright, two levels for the price of one! Locked Door: the way to more RAM. For this game we also have cheats. Maybe Ben can find something to help once he gets past that starlight. Getting Dan to the upper reaches of the level might help with that. The Mechanic has gotten a little *too* human now, what with all the backstabbing and self-preservation at the cost of the planet and whatnot. Once you find out what you need to do to secure a yes vote, you’ll need to glean that from your surroundings too. Lair of the Clockwork God Walkthrough Tips General Advice. Rain: You’ve taken a close look at that shadowy figure and discovered their true nature, but before you can get started on opening that door at the end of the level, you’ll need to keep all this rain out of your eyes. Run and shoot! Is Ben able to help him with that now? The vines: Ben can’t pull these apart. Don’t be afraid to try stuff out, as Ben or Dan! This includes examining inventory items and talking to Dan. The forcefield: You need to get this turned off. Crash site: Ooh, a massive tree and a crashed plane!

Time to find more RAM, and with your wazzo new upgrade and pilfered items, you should be able to progress deeper underground. And maybe Dan can help him do that with all this cool stuff at his disposal: a drivable forklift tractor thing, a waste compactor, a giant mountain of ice, a giant pile of corpses, and a thruster that spews fuel and sparks. Have an explore until the answer is “yes”.

This is a complete step-by-step guide with solutions to all puzzles, a detailed achievements guide, and all Luxomail locations. There’s no getting that door between them open, so they’ll have to find other paths round the ship to reach each other. Dan won’t interact with complicated stuff like this anymore, so you’ll need to get Ben over there. Dan, as a platformer, should make sure he’s explored every nook and cranny that he can access. Classic jungle. All you’ve got to work with is an electricity supply and whatever’s in your inventory. Including the,, You can use the table of content to the right or in mobile devices use the Table of Contents button to jump to any specific area at any time.

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