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mathematics seminar topics pdf

Broad Audience Talks (open to the general public) The UW-PIMS Colloquium is a quarterly series of talks sponsored by the UW Department of Mathematics and the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences. computational biology: reaction rate models in complex biochemical reaction networks. Student projects are available in Mathematical Analysis (error estimates) and Computer Implementation of efficient direct and inverse problem solution for deterministic and stochastic Partial Differential Equations with either many (several hundred) parameters, or with solutions on very high dimensional state- and phase spaces. high-order, dimension adaptive integration and interpolation algorithms (in particular adaptive Smolyak, Quasi-Monte Carlo, adaptive stochastic Galerkin Methods, reduced basis approximations, tensor structured linear algebra approaches). Prereq: Enrollment in Math or Actuarial Science major, and permission of department. Our goal is to develop new mathematical models and methods of broad utility to science and engineering and to make fundamental advances in the mathematical and physical sciences themselves. Process Scheduling in Longest Job First (LJF) Algorithm: A Proposed Framework for Starvation Problem Finite Element Methods (Multiscale-, High-Order, WaveletFEM,...). Research topics include medical imaging, phase retrieval (with application in coherent diffraction imaging and audio processing) and the vulnerability of deep neural networks. For such problems conventional solvers yield unreliable outputs, so that regularization techniques are necessary to produce trustworthy solutions. #NEWS. .

ABSTRACT This thesis investigates motion in the generalized restricted three-body problem. What are some good topics for an undergraduate Math seminar? Numerical methods, of the finite volume, finite difference, spectral and discontinuous Galerkin finite element type are developed in the group. . Projects in BSc/ MSc Applied Math will use mainly MATLAB / PYTHON programming.

. Fabrication and Capacitive (c-v) Characteristics of Conjugated Polymer Composite (p- Polyaniline/n-Wo3) Heterojunction, Bifurcation and Stability of Steady Solutions of Evolution Equations, Strong Convergence of Modified Averaging Iterative Algorithm for Asymptotically Nonexpansive Map, Travelling Wavessolutions for the Transesterification Reaction Kinetics of Biodiesel Production Using Tanh Method, Fractional Mechanical Oscillator Equation, Open Channel Flow Over a Permeable River Bed, Boundary Value Problems for Quasilinear Second Order Differential Equations, A Mathematical Model for Evaluation of Assests Returns in a Volatile Economy. .

Acknowledgement v . Ask us anything! 1.1 Geometry of Banach Spaces . . We also address fundamental mathematical questions of well-posedness of nonlinear hyperbolic PDEs, particularly in the context of novel solution frameworks such as statistical solutions.

. Some can be taken for credit. In many application areas such as healthcare, transportation, and smart spaces IoT is being implemented. Contact Department of Mathematics. . Press Tab to navigate to entries, then Enter to open or collapse content. The high-quality and well-reproducible conjugated polymer composite films have been fabricated by... Abstract We considered the evolutional problems in two-dimensional autonomous system.

Our research group focuses on the study of stability and regularization of ill-posed problems which arise in various applications. for BSc/ MSc in Mathematics). We have been developing mathematical and computational frameworks to achieve super-resolution in biomedical imaging. . Note: Most projects are suitable for both students of mathematics and computational science and engineering. K be Lipschitz pseudo-contractive... Abstract A nanocrystalline and porous p-Polyaniline/n-WO3 dissimilar heterojunction at ambient temperature is reported. . . . . We showed that the bifurcating steady solutions are obtained from the points of intersection of... Abstract Let H be a real Hilbert space and K a nonempty, closed and convex subset of H. Let T : K !

Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering, Humanities, Social and Political Sciences, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Higher order QMC integration with scrambling for elliptic PDEs with random coeffcients (PDF, 1.3 MB), ReLU DNN expression of sparse gpc expansion in uncertainty quantification (PDF, 1 MB), Parallel Tensor-Formatted Numerics for the Chemical Master Equation (PDF, 2 MB), A Boundary Element Method for Eddy Currents (PDF, 2.6 MB), Examination of Measure Valued Solutions for the Magnetohydrodynamic Equations (PDF, 2.6 MB), Computation of Measure Valued Solutions of the Incompressible Euler Equations (PDF, 3.3 MB), Finite Difference Approach for the Measure Valued Vanishing Dispersion Limit of Burgers’ Equation (PDF, 1.9 MB), A Posteriori Error Estimation of hp-DG Finite Element Methods for Highly Indefinite Helmholtz Problems (PDF, 4.4 MB), Isotropic Random Fields on the Sphere - Stochastic Heat Equation and Regularity of Random Elliptic PDEs (PDF, 1.4 MB), MLMC-FD method for 2D statistical solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations (PDF, 1.4 MB), Numerical Simulations of the Weak Approximation Error for Parabolic Stochastic Partial Differential Equations (PDF, 706 KB), Calderon Preconditioning for Higher Order Boundary Element Method (PDF, 1.9 MB), Sliding Interfaces for Eddy Current Simulations (PDF, 7.1 MB), Local Multi-trace Boundary Element Formulation for Diffusion Problems (PDF, 2.9 MB), Adaptive Galerkin Methods for Infinite Dimensional Parabolic Equations (PDF, 580 KB), The Criticality Spectral Problem in Neutron Transport (PDF, 1.4 MB), Numerical Pricing of American Options for gerneral Bivariate Lévy Models (PDF, 3.8 MB), Second Kind Single Trace Boundary Element Methods (PDF, 5.4 MB), Multi-Level Monte Carlo Methods for Stochastic Parabolic and 2nd Order Hyperbolic PDEs (PDF, 3.7 MB), hp Finite Element Method pricing algorithms for lookback options in Lévy Markets (PDF, 1.3 MB), Electricity Spot Price Modelling and Derivatives Pricing (PDF, 5.3 MB), Multi-Level Monte Carlo Finite Element Method for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations with Stochastic Data (PDF, 720 KB), Efficient Convolution Based Impedance Boundary Conditions (PDF, 731 KB), Resolution of Skin Layer in EM Simulation (PDF, 865 KB), A Scalable Eddy-Current Solver for ANSYS (PDF, 1.3 MB), Numerical Study of Small-Jump Regularization on Exotic Contracts in Lévy Markets (PDF, 1.4 MB), Boundary element discretisation of asymptotic layer models (PDF, 879 KB), Plane wave discontinuous Galerkin methods (PDF, 1.6 MB), Pricing Convertible Bonds using Finite Elements (PDF, 400 KB), Computation of electrostatic forces by the virtual work method (PDF, 1.4 MB), Cone Strategies for Formal Deformations of Non-Collapsible Simplicial Complexes (PDF, 412 KB), Asymptotische Methode zur Berechnung elektrostatischer Kräfte (PDF, 489 KB), Quadtree techniques for the construction of structured auxiliary meshes (PDF, 429 KB), Auxiliary Space Method for Edge Elements (PDF, 706 KB), Régularité des solutions des problèmes d'élasticité et d'écoulement de Stokes dans un polygone (PDF, 2.3 MB), Numerical Solution of a Coefficient Identification Problem for the Poisson Equation (PDF, 3.9 MB), A Posteriori Error Estimates for hp-FEM: Comparison and Implementation (PDF, 545 KB), Rayleigh Quotient Multigrid (PDF, 4.2 MB), Duality based error estimation for electrostatic force computation (PDF, 13.6 MB), Numerical Validation of Emergent Behavior in Flocks (PDF, 4.5 MB), Convergence of Binomial Tree Methods for European/American Path-Dependent Options (PDF, 5.8 MB), Non-equidistant approximate DFT based on Z-Splines (PDF, 382 KB), Generalized Tensor Models for Recurrent Neural Networks (PDF, 1.2 MB), MPI-Based Tensor Network Library (PDF, 528 KB), Nonlinear n-term approximation for the solution of the dirichlet problem (PDF, 288 KB), Parallelization of a radiative transfer solver (PDF, 444 KB), Dual Mesh Calderon Preconditioning for the Single Layer Boundary Integral Operator (PDF, 5 MB), Implementation of impedance boundary conditions in HADAPT (PDF, 1.3 MB), Spurious Solutions for transient Maxwell equations in 2D (PDF, 1.1 MB), Variance-optimal hedging error in geometric Lévy models (PDF, 530 KB), Discontinuous Galerkin discretization of magnetic convection (PDF, 2.5 MB), Fast solvers for Eulerian convection schemes, (PDF, 328 KB), Hash Based Data Structures for Tetrahedral Meshes (PDF, 152 KB), Angle conditions for face and edge elements (PDF, 427 KB), Transient Simulation of Eddy Currents in Ferromagnets (PDF, 3.7 MB), Eidgenössische Mathematical Model on a Three Way Catalytic Converter: A Comparative Study of Gas Phase Concentration and Temperature ABSTRACT We comparatively studied gas phase concentration and gas... We are here to answer your questions. Congratulations to our … Our goal is to develop new mathematical models and methods of broad utility to science and engineering and to make fundamental advances in the mathematical and physical sciences themselves. .... Methodological Models for Optimal Control of Marine Oil Spill ABSTRACT The frequency of accidental discharge of oil into aquatic environment has presented a significant threat to... Maximal Monotone Operators on Hilbert Spaces and Applications ABSTRACT Let H be a real Hilbert space and A : D(A) H ! Download PDF for seminar topics on IoT. A more... Abstract In recent years, advance in technology have made it possible for the stock markets to trade in real time and also for large dataset... Abstract This study presents a system of deterministic mathematical models that describes regional agronomy and the conservational dynamics of organic farming on activity-induced-timevarying soil resource.... Abstract Mathematical Models describing the variations in the volume of the system, concentration of reactant (s) yet to react, temperature of the system, and the... Abstract We studied Portfolio Selection and Optimal Financial Investment in the Nigerian economy. . 1 Introduction

Nanophotonics is the study of electromagnetic wave phenomena in media structured on the same lengthscale as the wavelength, and is also a very active area of study in our group. It is generalized in the sense that both... Monotone Operators and Applications . 1.1 Linear maps . . Minimum Principle of Pontryagin TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Preliminaries 8

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