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once upon a time zelena hades

As the two sisters are torn apart from each other, in tears, they promise to not forget about one another; however, they're both powerless to stop Cora as she takes away their memories of ever meeting one another, sending Zelena back to her life in Oz. Zelena decides to go again at driving, but Snow calls Regina needing her help finding this missing piece of a wand to defeat the Black Fairy. wake him up. Though warned that she'll soon need an ally in the town, Zelena requests to be returned to her cell, for unlike Emma, she doesn't mind being alone. With Zelena, she could have found him attractive because in a way he is like that too. After the lesson, she bakes him a meat-pie, but he has to leave to teach Regina magic. Status: Regina questions this, now extremely worried about Robin, but she is met with the cold, hard truth the Zelena is pregnant with his child. Inexplica- Later, Zelena goes to a farmhouse outside of town and feeds a prisoner in the cellar. After the ceremony concludes, Zelena walks out with her husband. ("The Eighth Witch"), On return to Hyperion Heights, Kelly accompanies Roni to the hospital, where Henry tells Roni about Lucy's stable but unchanged condition. And somehow, she brought back the notion of love, fun, hope, and innocence to him. The first time he confessed his feelings for her. She sees him off, but Hades threatens revenge. Red Zelena finds out she was a… Once Upon A Time put their unique spin on this classic villain through the character Zelena. Regina instead finds a way to balance out both of their hearts, allowing the Queen a chance of redemption. Having never eaten ice cream before, Marian decides to try some, but the ice cream vendor - who's actually the Snow Queen - curses it and causes the amid to fall into a deep sleep during the fireside chat with the Mayor. Roni tries to apologize for the past and asks her to have a drink with her, but Kelly refuses before storming off. He refers to her as the monster living in the shack - the freak with magic - but Zelena is starting to realize that the nest didn't really fall out of the tree. Even with Glinda's advisement that her fears may be not true, Zelena plots to get rid of Dorothy by attacking the girl with fire. Why can’t Zelena be with Hades? Poofing into an alleyway, she announces to Regina and Robin of her intentions to grant herself sole custody of her daughter. Biographical Information He, upon seeing an injured Regina, rushes to her side. Sometime in the night, Zelena goes to check on her crying daughter and finds the Queen soothing baby Robin with a rattle. She promises to visit Roland soon, and to bring along his baby sister. Kelly is given the keys to close the bar for the evening and receives an affectionate kiss on the cheek from Roni as she leaves. He felt like going out and drowning the first ("Leaving Storybrooke"), Some point after this, Zelena and Robin travel to a place where time moves faster until the latter is 17 years old. After the helm is found in a riverbank, Merida prevents Arthur from taking it by dueling him, while Zelena takes on Mulan before she is promptly knocked out by Ruby's sleeping powder. Wanting to use her powers for good, Zelena goes, almost immediately healing Regina when doing so. My aimless dreaming could not foresee, lying beside you, with you wanting me.”. Species: With the memories returned of Zelena and Regina's first ever encounter, the two sisters are able to make up, and Cora is able to complete her unfinished business. Kelly relays the deal to Roni and suggests they pretend to play along with Gothel's game, which Roni agrees with by saying they should locate the amulet first and find a way to use it without paying the price of its magic. He may have been faking it, but that was his view of love before. Hades … While she is shaving his neck, he harps on her to always put on her best face to hide the ugliness inside herself. Only true love's kiss can break the curse, and Zelena believes it impossible, since Dorothy may have the love of the Ozians, but not true love. Zelena grows concerned when the heroes fall to arrive to the portal, but Hades persuades her that they will make it in time on their own. ("A Bitter Draught"), Regina now knows the Evil Queen is alive and in Storybrooke, and with her chances of a happy ending being threatened, she decides to go to Zelena. Zelena is born in the Enchanted Forest, where her mother Cora gives birth to her months after she is abandoned by her child's father. As the sisters bicker, Samdi decides to leave so they can work out their disagreement. She was so vulnerable and so deserving of love, I feel like it sucked that her true love was killed. Zelena and the Evil Queen are confronted by Regina, while Snow and David rescue Jiminy.

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