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pdc drill bits for sale

Unlike roller cones, these polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) drill bits are one piece bodies with no moving parts. A beneficial feature of steel bits is that they can easily be rebuilt a number of times because worn or damaged cutters can be replaced rather easily. For diamond-impregnated bits, only matrix-body construction can be used. var d=new Date(); Diamond tables are the part of a cutter that contacts a formation. Diamond is the hardest material known. POLYCRYSTALLINE DIAMOND COMPACT (PDC) CUTTERS. Steel bodies are considerably stronger than matrix bodies. CLICK THE "REQUEST INFORMATION" BUTTON in the listing, link above, send us your enquiries by clicking, 3 3/4” (96mm) D013 PDC Drill Bit, Atlas Copco - New, 3 7/8" - 99mm Fangs 4 Way PDC Bit with 2-3/8” Api Reg Pin, 3 7/8" - 99mm PDC Bit - 2 3/8" Reg Thread, 3 7/8" - 99mm PDC Bit NW Rod pin Retrac cutters on back, 3 7/8” (99mm) D013 PDC Drill Bit, Atlas Copco - New in box, 3 7/8” - 99mm PDC Bit – 2.3/8” API Reg Thread, 4 1/2” PDC drill bit, Matrix body, 2 3/8 Reg pin, 4 3/4” 5 wing matrix body PDC 2 7/8” reg pin, 4 3/4” PDC - 3 wing, 12mm cutters 2 7/8” api pin, 4 3/4” PDC -4 wing, 12mm cutters 2 7/8” api pin, 4 3/4” PDC -5 wing, 12mm cutters 2 7/8” api pin, 4 7/8” PDC -5 wing, 12mm cutters 2 7/8” api pin, 4 1/2” -115mm PDC Bit – 2 3/8” API Reg Thread, 5 1/2” PDC -5 wing, 12mm cutters 3 1/2” api pin, 5 7/8” - 150mm PDC Bit – 3 1/2” API Reg Thread, 7 3/8" PDC Drill Bit, 5 blade, 3 1/2" API Reg Pin - NEW, 8 1/2” PDC drill bit, Matrix body, 4 1/2 reg pin, 8 1/2" PDC Bit 6 wing - Hycalog - 4 1/2" Thread, 8 7/8’’ PDC bit, 6 wing, Used, 4 1/2’’ Reg Pin, 12 1/4” Smith PDC bit - MDSi813 - Matrix - New, 12-1/4" PDC Drill bit - Hughes Christensen HCM-605, 12-1/4" PDC Drill Bit - Varel International. Matrix-body PDC bits are commonly preferred over steel-body bits for environments in which body erosion is likely to cause a bit to fail. // > VIEW MAP OF SPECIFIC LOCATIONS.

We have multipurpose drill rigs and rotary drill rigs for sale. REQUEST INFORMATION. [CDATA[ Diamonds, by themselves, will not bond together, nor can they be attached by brazing. Besides their hardness, PDC diamond tables have an essential characteristic for drill-bit cutters: They efficiently bond with tungsten carbide materials that can be brazed (attached) to bit bodies. (All prices are in AUD and exclude GST). yr=d.getFullYear(); The fixed-cutters shave away the rock, making it possible to operate with higher rotation speeds more efficiently in consolidated formations. We have multipurpose drill rigs and rotary drill rigs for sale.

Alternatively email us at or phone (07) 3337 9720. Sort By: SALE. 3 3/4" - 96MM PDC BIT - NW THREAD (Product Code: 20474) Location: Brisbane.. More Info. The strength and ductility of steel give steel-bit bodies high impact resistance. “Matrix” is a very hard, rather brittle composite material comprising tungsten carbide grains metallurgically bonded with a softer, tougher, metallic binder. document.write(" "+yr); $730 . Drill Central Pty Ltd | Privacy | Terms and Conditions. We offer PDC bits in a variety of sizes and number of blades.

Steel is the opposite of matrix. Matrix is desirable as a bit material, because its hardness is resistant to abrasion and erosion. Bit Sizes: Red Devil PDC Reconditioning Bit shop provides the following services: Replace broken or lost cutters; Repair and re-build bit body as needed; Apply hard facing to extreme wear areas; Clean, sandblast, and paint; Same day turnaround; 2 3/8" API Reg 2 7/8" API Reg 3 1/2" API Reg: 3 7/8" - 6 1/4" in stock Other sizes available if (yr!=2003) >> CLICK THE "REQUEST INFORMATION" BUTTON in the listing, or add your enquiries to a list, click the "ENQUIRY LIST" link above, send us your enquiries by clicking "SUBMIT ENQUIRY". PDC BITS.

This is a particular advantage for operators in low-cost drilling environments.

PDC bits are designed for high speed drilling in shale, limestone, and sandstone formations. It is capable of withstanding relatively high compressive loads, but, compared with steel, has low resistance to impact loading. Please contact us if you have questions. 3 3/4" - 96mm PDC Bit - NW Thread (Product Code: 37296) Location: Brisbane.

Because the size and placement of the particles of tungsten carbide it contains vary (by both design and circumstances), its physical properties are slightly less predictable than steel. It can of withstanding high impact loads, but is softer and lacks protective features. (All prices are in AUD and exclude GST).>> VIEW MAP OF SPECIFIC LOCATIONS, © Copyright Get PDC polycrystalline diamond compact bits for various applications from China GREAT bits manufacturer. Environmentally Safe Line Shaft Turbine Fluid, Handheld Construction Equipment, Hydraulic, High-Pressure Hose Restraints - Whip Socks, Hydraulic Construction Equipment, Handheld, Premium grade 5 wing design is more durable than 3 and faster than 6, Gauge pads have tungsten carbide inserts for maximum wear resistance, All cutters are premium grade for extended bit life and durability, Cutter layout is force balanced to drill a precise round hole and reduce bit whirl, Unlike the traditional PDC, the Diamond Devil™ PDC design does not plug, Less expensive than traditional PDC on the market, Individual wings on the Diamond Devil™ PDC can be replaced, whereas a single damaged wing on a traditional PDC renders it damaged upon repair (DBR). Browse PDC drill bits specs, size, and price.

Matrix is relatively heterogeneous, because it is a composite material. All Right Reserved 2019 Bit Brokers International, Ltd. PDC is extremely important to drilling, because it aggregates tiny, inexpensive, manmade diamonds into relatively large, intergrown masses of randomly oriented crystals that can be formed into useful shapes called diamond tables. This hardness gives it superior properties for cutting any other material. Our Diamond bit includes Matrix body & Steel body PDC bit composed of fixed cutter and can save more drilling cost.

// ]]>

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