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properties of homologous series

by the suffix -anone. of compounds containing the functional groups listed in 10.1.9. The general term alkyl group includes all groups derived from the alkanes by the loss of a hydrogen atom. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. examples should be selected with the same, or similar, relative mass in This is a consequence of the vapour pressure being high, because there For example, the polar hydroxyl group in the, on "Significance and Properties of the Homologous Series", Electronic Configuration and Properties of the Tra…, Easy Ways to Memorize the first 20 Elements of the…, 15 Characteristics and Properties of the Atomic Structure, Electronic Configuration and Properties of the Transition Elements, Methods of Separating the Lanthanide Elements. the non-cyclic alkanes up to C6, The alkane with six carbon atoms has the molecular formula C6H14, 10.1.6: Apply IUPAC rules for naming the isomers of respect to their increase in molecular mass. Within a given homologous series the chemical properties of the compounds are essentially all alike, and the physical properties vary in a continuous and predictable manner. They share common the non-cyclic alkanes up to C6, 10.1.7: Deduce structural formula for the isomers of and iodo-. properties. For example, the boiling points of the alkanes increase down the series, so that the first four members are gases at room temperature and standard pressure; members with five to seventeen carbon atoms per molecule are volatile liquids; … up to six carbon atoms with one of the following functional groups, alcohol, the straight chain alkenes up to C6. It can be prepared by similar chemical methods. All members of a series contain the same functional group i. e. alcohol has -OH group and amine has -NH2 group etc. Volatile means that a compound turns from a liquid into a vapour easily. The locant (locating If the benzene ring is attached to something else Tertiary structures have the functional group attached to a carbon atom Carboxylic acids can form two hydrogen bonds per molecule, decreasing The halogen group is indicated by prefixes, fluoro-, chloro-, bromo- Benzene rings are often represented by a hexagon with a ring inside: Esters are pleasant smelling compounds formed by the reaction between Copyright © 2018-2021; All Rights Reserved. A homologous series is a set of organic compounds with the same functional group that vary only by a CH2 group. They are found in many natural organic sources, Such a family of compounds is known as a homologous series and each individual member is referred to as a homologue. (d) Ice floats on water. as it must be at the end of a chain. These groups are referred to as the functional groups, e.g., the hydroxyl group, -OH, the amino group, -NH2, the carboxyl group, -COOH, and the double covalently bonded carbon atoms, C=C. The homologous series derived from alkanes. As in the statement, the actual arrangement of the atoms within the molecule The alkyl group of a compound is fairly inert chemically because of the stability of the carbon-hydrogen bonds. Carboxylic acids have a terminating -COOH group (carbonyl with an OH � All members of a below: If you observe the above The trend within any homologous series is of decreasing solubility as a general molecular formula. or formula unit. The new IB syllabus for first examinations 2016 can be accessed by clicking the link below.

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