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purpose of microbiology in nursing

Finally, the essay will summarise what has been learnt from using the assessment tool. Nurses must have a good, working knowledge of microbiology, because we are responsible for managing all aspects of out patients' health, including infection control. Nursing school, Diploma in Nursing, Health care 1409  Words | For example, the Polio vaccine helps eradicate polio in many countries. We also used info from micro in pharmacology when learning about all the classes antibiotics and when we learned about antivirals. Recombinant DNA technology uses E. coli to produce a higher amount of insulin to control sugar concentration in diabetes patients. nurse can play an important role in helping to prevent such infections, Specializes in med/surg, telemetry, IV therapy, mgmt. However... Free Micro makes pathophysiology and pharmacology much easier to understand. Plasmid Pilus Capsule Plasma Membrane; 2. Importance of microbiology in nursing … In the aquatic system, microbes are placed at the bottom of the food chain. Purpose / Significance of Nursing Theories

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Finally, the, micro-organisms are recent the relatively unimportant additions» (Wheelis, Mark, Principles of modern.

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we learned about the microorganisms (bacteria, fungus, viruses) that cause disease in humans, how the body naturally defends itself against them and how the healthcare professions assist in supporting the body as it fights against these organisms.

Copyright © 2020 Microbes are used in bioremediation that removes organic compounds and hydrocarbon from sewage water by degrading these organic wastes. a. A yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae is used to make bread, brew beer, and make wine. Denitrifying bacteria (Pseudomonas) reduce nitrate into nitrogen gas using the chemical energy in organic matter to reduce. Your blog is awfully appealing.

I also learned about disinfecting and treatments.

A personal example in a nursing application essay is more important than in any other essay. The nurse must recognize the importance of the proper

7  Pages, "Importance Of Microbiology In Nursing Essay". I often would sneak out and... ( Hands like the rest of the skin, carries two types of microbiological flora. and that is how important microbiology is to nursing. It is used in cheese, meats, and beverages to preserve them by inhibiting the growth of detrimental microorganisms. Knowledge of microbiology helps a nurse in every field of health care.

Nursing. Preanalytical specimen management in microbiology laboratory is critical to accuracy. The Soil bacteria support plant growth by producing several substances like auxins, gibberellins, and antibiotics. Knowing how bacteria and viruses work is vital in treating them as a med pro. Discussed in this paper will be nursing theory and review its importance to nursing as a profession. Since 1997, allnurses is trusted by nurses around the globe. I think once you've passed the course what you learnt is important stuff to have sitting in the back of your mind and should effect your nursing practice subconsciously - things like having an understanding of why you wash your hands a million times a day and why that's so important etc. Since then «the earth is a fundamentally a microbial planet, to which the micro-organisms are recent the relatively unimportant additions» (Wheelis, Mark, Principles of modern microbiology, 2008, p.1). Career Essay: Nursing Other soil bacteria help in nitrification, nitrification, mineralization and sulfur oxidation, etc.

Microbiology was a boon to control the mass human population eradicating epidemics like rabies, smallpox and other infectious diseases. 6  Pages. The term microorganisms consist of bacteria, archaea, fungi, and protest, which can either be unicellular or multicellular.

Ma. Your email address will not be published. Phage therapy has also attracted great attention due to its killing potential against bacteria. You may not need to remember everything, but I think basic Microbiology knowledge will take you far and make you a better nurse.

Prevention of microbial contamination of drugs, injectable, eye drops, nasal solutions, and inhalation products are also another important discoveries of microbiology. Where does lactic acid fermentation occur in cells? Health, Nurse, Nursing 1581  Words |

dealing with microbes and related concepts. They must determine the proper procedure to handle the waste so that it does not cause infection. This essay will discuss the importance of needs assessment in nursing practice. The present society is so dependent on this science that without it there can no proper health care.

Here are a few suggestions that will help students. We need to understand the differences between pathogens and the pharmacology of tons of different antibiotic/antimicrobial meds that are used. The study of microbiology helps to nurse in understanding the principles of hospital and community hygiene maintenance and prevention of disease.

Students also learn the influence biotechnology has on the development of certain medications and vaccinations. Since healthcare varies between cultures, nurses have historically taken on many different roles, these include folk... the use of appropriate tools that are required for the service user in the scenario. ‘Students don’t always have the opportunity to put their theory into practice for some time, and often it’s not until the first time you barrier nurse or care for someone with HIV infection that it hits you,’ says Ms Gill.

She has published more than 12 papers in reputed journals, one e-book on ‘Indian Common Krait’ and an offline book on Microbiology for degree students of nursing.

Premium It also teaches them the nature of the organism and the factors affecting its growth, the most susceptible means of disease transmission and the composition of chemicals, drugs, aseptic solutions, etc.

Nurses use microbiology on the job in many ways. Answer.

is a wound infection of the birth canal after abortion or childbirth. From the dawn of time nursing has existed, in one form or another. Microbiology Wiki User Answered . hospital infections. Thus it helps in increasing the fertility of the soil. Blue-green algae) play an important role in nitrogen fixation.

Required fields are marked *. Bacteria degrade the organic matter in sewage removing the pollution from water. The Thus it prevents viral infection. Although I was told to stay in the nurse’s lounge and watch television – I found the hospital corridors intriguing.
These bacterial strains include Streptococcus thermophiles, Bifidobacterium sp, and Lactobacillus bulgaricus.

Bacteria mainly cause food intoxication and food spoilage thereby causing various human gut health diseases. Microbiology has come a long way since discovery of microbes and is presently of great help to mankind. b. Fungi like Mycorrhiza help the plant absorb minerals and water from the soil and protect its roots from other fungi and nematodes. Nurses must have a deep understanding of microbiology in their daily nursing practice. How many ATPs are produced in fermentation.

spotangel, BSN, MSN, DNP, RN, APRN, NP. Therefore students should plan to give a lot of specific attention to microbiology classes in nursing school. Premium The Importance of Nursing Roles

Microorganisms help in decomposing toxic compounds in agricultural soil preventing toxic accumulation in the soil. Students also can gain valuable laboratory experience through internships with prospective employers, such as drug manufacturers. Aerobic bacteria also ferment solid components of the sewage. 52 53 54. contributing to reduction of mortality and morbidity and duration of hospital Without the time to find a baby sitter and due to my father’s occupation as a truck driver, she was forced to take me along with her to work. normal flora. Purpose Of Microbiology- . collection of specimens to be sent for bacteriological examination to obtain accurate results. Specializes in Critical Care, Education. i have posted weblinks to microbiology on post #45 of this sticky thread: Yes, what you just said, which is way better than how I worded it.

Importance of Microbiology in Agriculture: 10. Nurses have always been the backbone of healthcare and first response teams. The

due to maternal mortality. you can go onto these websites and see for yourself what you will be learning about in a class of microbiology.

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