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royal enfield himalayan review

If you want to cross a continent on bad roads – a ride into the Himalayas perhaps – then … 07 April 2020. The tall handlebar and scooped seat mean the rider feels comfortable while feeling in control of the bike. The Himalayan is designed and built for a culture, a culture that is not western…but it is sold in western countries. Three new colorways – Rock Red, Gravel Gray and Lake Blue. Would it be a good bike for a newer rider looking to ride a larger percentage of pavement than dirt? • Temp gauge (ambient) seems way inaccurate, not sure where the pickup for the reading is but on my test bike at times it was off by 15-25f degrees or more. To answer this, it really is a way to look at the negatives of the bike and if they can be overcome, and there is a list, not an expensive or extensive one, but a list all the same, and the reasons why. The engine can run speeds of up to 100km/h smoothly. Comment 156. With that objective in mind, the motorbike was designed to have competent ride and handling, comfort and agility while being reasonably affordable. Your email address will not be published. Review. For most riders its approximate. Royal Enfield has recalibrated the ABS taking it to a higher level of refinement. (Contributed post for our North American readers). The size of the motorbike is well-proportioned to its components. I have a large, more random, following of motorcyclists on Instagram, a number are Indians and possibly look at this bike in a different way so great to get their input and help. At less than $5000 USD it really is on the lower end of motorcycles for the US market, there are obvious corners cut, but the bike feels very solid, and a lot of thought went in the design for its purpose. To prove its long-term use in far of climbs just check out ‘itchy boots’ on YouTube and her interview with Baldy her on ADVrider. There are two trip meters on the panel giving you average speeds, fuel gauge, and the current time. As well as using motorcycling in Indian cities, many people like to ride their motorcycles in tour groups, including Royal Enfield’s own Rides program, to adventurous routes into the Himalayas. Required fields are marked *. • Shifter seems very close, I have size 11 feet and it would need spacing further forward, • Seat – for my size and weight, it is a medieval torture device, just like most stock seats it looks good, but after 20 minutes I was uncomfortable. • Speedo is off by at least 10%…but is this done for safety? On a highway, it does feel a bit sluggish. Chatting with some Indian friends, they said “the Royal Enfield’s are premium bikes here” although most readers from Western countries look at it as a budget bike. The braking does feel a bit spongy but for a 200 kg motorbike, a little softness in the braking is required. The riding position is comfortable with a relaxed riding stance assisted with a raised handlebar and neutrally placed foot pegs. The rear suspension could have been made slighter stiffer but no complaints if you are riding the biking on rougher roads. The new Himalayan also features a revamped rear brake mechanism that improves brake engagement and rider feel for decreased stopping distances. Tweet. Some of these things could be corrected at the factory easily but not by the rider, they are very minor, but some riders might get frustrated by them. The Himalayan has front suspension travel of 200 mm and rear suspension travel of 180 mm. Before we get deep into this Royal Enfield Himalayan review, let’s take a brief look at the history of this motorbike. The rear disc of the brake seems to have more bite in the new version. The bike is designed so it can go down rough tracks with an 8 ½”/ 215mm ground clearance, Indian riders might need this by necessity, western riders want it as a requirement, so it’s there for both. • Pegs too small – I ride on the balls of my feet a lot and found the pegs to be narrow and the outer section of the peg only reached the middle of my foot. Get the best motorbike news, rumors, deals and events each week. For the brand-conscious, BMW will still be ahead in the race but from a value for money, the Himalayan is the winner. It has been around from 2016, when Royal Enfield introduced the company’s first adventure-touring motorcycle. The tyre brand used on the Himalayan is the most trusted brand in India, Ceat Tyres. Group clearance if 220 mm and 800 mm seat height. Like any bike you’d load up with luggage it needs the suspension to be sprung correctly, it most likely will need a heavier weight rear spring, and the sag adjusted accordingly. As it only has a 15-liter tank, to take it any significant distance I would follow suit what I have seen other riders doing, adding one or two Rotopax to the front crash bars. For motorbike enthusiasts, it becomes a matter of intense discussion whether torque is more important or horsepower. I won’t, add increased power output because it basically is what it is and the Himalayan will never be a Dakar race bike. Here’s the new Ducati Multistrada V4 Tourer, Kawasaki To Spin Off Its Motorcycle Business, Kawasaki Drops Teaser Videos For 2021 Bikes, Claudio von Planta: The Badass Motorcycling Director of Photography for the Long Way Series. It is important to understand the difference between horsepower and torque. His observations are insightful and illuminating. The average Indian rider is more interested in fuel efficiency than power or torque, which explains why most motorbikes in the country are less than 150 ccs. The design of the bike with its boxy look, bright red tank and included racks front and rear does make people take a second look. MPG is in the 70-80 mile range or 250 miles/ 400km, but don’t put 100% trust in that fual gauge, mine shows 3/4 of a tank left after 150+ miles. Some riders have added accessories such as heated grips for trips to the colder climate and engine guard for protection. What’s interesting about the Royal Enfield’s Himalayan motorbike is that it was designed for bike users tackling the broken roads of the countryside in India. With the new model, there is an improvement in vibration control. The saddle of the Himalayan is most comfortable for motorbikes of its price range. The suspension is long-travel, which is great for rougher roads as it does not pass the bumps on to the rider. Learn how your comment data is processed. Before we get deep into this Royal Enfield Himalayan review, let’s take a brief look at the history of this motorbike. However, for the difference in price, it just doesn’t offer that much more. Full-sized yet with a small engine, the basics are sorted but it’s the peripherals that let it down. To see the full lineup of accessories and apparel, Compared with the BMW G 310 GS, the Himalayan is much cheaper, offering better value for money in terms of the features offered. Where I live the freeway speed limit is 65mph, most drivers go closer to 80…I couldn’t keep up so not great in the scenario I tested in! The braking performance of the Himalayan is excellent. The front wheel has the standard braking mechanism. Once reserved, consumers will receive a unique buyer’s code to be presented at participating Royal Enfield dealers within seven days of receipt to confirm the reservation. Additional features in response to customer feedback also include an improved side-stand design and hazard light switch in case of road or trail side emergencies. COPYRIGHT 2013 - 2020 © MOTORBIKE WRITER. Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 Service: Review. That was the original target market. I personally would cut it off, do a little grinding, and position it correctly by rotating it forward and maybe making a little bigger for ease of use. By Tijo Tenson - Content Writer Jan 23 2020 Share this blog. Some of the top motorbike manufacturers in the country roll out 1 million motorbikes per month. This showed us that the manufacturer is much more than “Bullet” and “thump”. Updated sidestand based on rider/owner feedback. Testing it out at a little faster pace, on the freeway in fifth (top) gear at 55mph getting up to the 70mph speed limit was at a glacial pace, so this would need to be taken into account making overtaking maneuvers if it were fully loaded with luggage, make sure to give yourself enough space. !” and enjoy it for a culturally designed motorcycle that does exactly what it was designed to do. Share. If that is directed just at me, I would say no because it doesn’t match my sort of riding. Can you cruise at lows revs w/o stalling and at high revs in the dirt? It was not meant to be a performance-oriented motorcycle. If you choose this bike, you need to make sure it fits your needs, i.e. Now coming to the Royal Enfield Himalayan review, it had entered in the Indian two-wheeler market with an aggressive price point of ₹ 1.55 Lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai) and ₹ 1.78 Lakh (on-road price). Pratheek Kunder. • Clunky transmission on occasion – sometimes pulling away, and false neutrals on more than a few occasions made me cringe, For more information, the full press release is below …. where you’re travelling, your physical build, what you intend to carry and what you intend to do with it. Once you wrap your head around that fact you can be a lot more objective. The chassis feels solid and well built. The steel frame and integrated subframe have areas with some integrated additional structure, making it suitable for a family’s main form of transportation, but also for the adventure rider adding a luggage load onto the included rear rack. The high instrument cluster adds to the commanding view. Adventure riding ideas for Nebraska. Ordinarily, I would expect car drivers to make a positive comment at stoplights when they see something a little different than the big V Twins that usually thunder up and down near where I live. It’s more of an adventure or overland motorcycle than a dual sport or enduro, designed to live its life mostly on smoother tracks be them paved or dirt. Unsurprisingly given that the BMW is so much more expensive, it does have some extra features such as a digital instrument panel and indicators. • Headlight is total junk – No pulling punches on this one, IT IS BAD, it just doesn’t project well, upgrade definitely required. Some users are also using a crash bar system that can protect the motorbike from tip-overs. Royal Enfield make a range of highly rated motorcycles, including the Continental GT, Thunderbird, Interceptor 650, Bullet, Classic 350 and the Himalayan. I’m not sure that I entirely agree with the observations made in this article about the ride characteristics and comfort of the Himalayan.

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