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rune king thor vs immortal hulk

He is universal and well above galactus and celestials and a good match for WM WonderWoman. It was supposed to be the most powerful armor Tony could ever create. Seriously it would be cool. 0. Strongest Thor is OKT with Phoenix Force. That's no-where near normal Celestial level and the armor couldn't do crap. He spent 15,000 years in the sun. The only threat here is only wh Wonder woman , Superman prime 1m is fearless, Rune king Thor is an abstract, toba hulk is unbeatable by almost anyone. @green_skaar: @firestarlord73194: Absolute Carnage: Immortal Hulk. CI Hulk is nowhere near as powerful as TOBA(i.e, if he really is equal to TOAA).If he really was I wouldn't have made this thread in the first place cause it would have been just stupid and pointless. Which is respectfully uppermost bullshitiest thing I've ever heard. Wiki Points . Thus the armor meant to defeat the former couldn't possibly be stronger than the Godkiller. Strange Visitor Superman , Witch Marked WW and 6th dimensional suit Batman, Cosmic Immortal Hulk, Rune King Thor and Ziran armor Ironman. Wiki Points. The Godkiller fought celestials who were weak enough to get destroyed by She-Hulk. He was just possessed and amped by toba and became immortal, nothing more. Iron Man took control of it and Thanos claimed Tony's attacks actually made him feel pain(despite using the Infinity gauntlet to create a shield). Wrong, he is not more powerful than a guy that can destroy a galaxy as he is literally not able to take an attack with an AP of 10 billion suns. RKT thor is essentially more powerful than Odin and all other Skyfathers as he was able to defeat the "ones who sit above" who basically treated Odin as a plaything over and over again through countless Ragnaroks. 18 wins (100%) Cosmic Immortal Hulk (Hulk) 726: statistics. Al basically views TOBA as the ultimate Satan/Evil of Marvel, while TOAA is the ultimate God/Good of Marvel. Easily. Immortal hulk is dead Banner being brought back to life after getting possessed by TOBA. It's just a giantass godslaying robot which just happens to have Superman's memories. He isnt TOBA -- just an aspect of his whole being. 0. And I think he is a match for CI Hulk. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Who will win in a fight between Cosmic Immortal Hulk and Rune King Thor? But I disagree that that he is just "High Skyfather". RKT and CI Hulk are pretty Op too. See this? Rune King Thor vs Immortal Hulk (Marvel 616) Thread starter Bloorp; Start date Oct 25, 2019; Bloorp. He sucks.

And Necro King Thor just barely beat regular galactus and is no way stronger than RKT. Both are at their peak and bloodlusted, with all of their feats from Marvel comics. Spoiler: The Breaker-Apart. No it actually happened during avengers(2010) #12. 6 months ago. The Godbuster was so powerful that Tony feared it and destroyed it immediately after it did it's job.
Forum Posts. Then in that case, these are the most powerful. Todays issue hopefully sheds more light. @randybutternubs: Thanks for that. Lastly the fact that the godbuster was able to defeat the two gods with just a single PHYSICAL attack itself shows that they weren't much of a god to begin with. Sign Up Login. Both are at their peak and bloodlusted, with all of their feats from Marvel comics. Durability. vs. Change characters Create a variation. CAS jumps out of the comic, comes to this thread and solos. 100. I mean if he was that strong, you'd think he wouldn't be held down by Flext Mentallo, lol. OT, Thor wins this easily. @allhellkingdox: The first one has literally no feats other than creating life and the second one isn't even Superman himself. @thedevil98: Cosmic Immortal Hulk is only vaguely powerful(even more so than superman prime one million) which isn't enough. @thedevil98: you're the one who told me CI Hulk was TOBA Hulk. 0. 100. Durability. The sorcerer supreme armor had fought off Dormammu. I doubt he can defeat Galactus at full power. Milkman got held down by Flex Mentallo, who was like a 100+ tonner. The strongest version of Superman is actually Thought Robot fans later on named him Cosmic Armour Superman. You do know the Multiversal exists in both marvel and DC right? Oct 25, 2019 #1 Spoiler: Rune King Thor. @theonebelowail: Just because it's from a different parallel timeline doesn't make it "not canon". Vs. Cosmic Immortal Hulk, Rune King Thor and Ziran armor Ironman. Characters Battles Teams Super Powers Forum Feed Collections. @thedevil98: These aren't the strongest versions I believe, I think thought robot is the strongest version of sups. You need to be logged in to post comments.. Battle in an abandoned universe, victory by death/permanent incapacitation of the opponent. Combat. @cruelrain: That isn't superman himself. To them a Skyfather is what regular thor is to a Skyfather, an insect. Banner postulates this theory. Strength. Odin and Zeus even created the Destroyer armor just to combat celestials.

Knull was cool on his own, but if TOBA supposed to be sort of a reverse TOAA then I suppose it’d make sense. @randybutternubs: To be fair he was second to only the Presence(back when he was actually a match for TOAA). vs The strongest version of Thor faces off against the strongest incarnation of the Hulk. Created by Atemporal. Strange Visitor Superman, isn't even canon.

But I don't think CI hulk is Multiversal or stronger than Prime one million( if we go by statements). Characters Battles Teams Super Powers Forum Feed Collections. And I'm pretty sure after all the destruction CI hulk caused that storyline is also going to be Retconned to be a different timeline in the near future. Because defeating people off-panel isn't really a feat.

Battle in an abandoned universe, victory by … And no SV supes is not above Mr Myx as it's just a statement with no feats backing it. So RKT defeating them and his other feats clearly establish him to be at least universal. Official Superhero Database stats. He destroyed it right after out of fear. The Ziran armor was a Celestial armor of a celestial previously killed by Thanos. @lilbroomstick: Really I dont see how a human made self proclaimed AI God cough,Ultron 2.0,cough, inside possessing power inside their own digital world is stronger than the Proto celestials. Morals off. I didn't see much reality warping by the said God in the real world but it's reality warping in a fake digital world doesn't account for much as Tony himself was able to so just that to create the gosbuster in the first place. Ziran, Godbuster, or Sorcerer Supreme Iron Man all would've been better. Way stronger. CI Hulk only destroyed a single universe, ONE UNIVERSE, i.e the 9th incarnation of Eternity, not the Multiversal Eternity himself. Intelligence. I've never heard the term CI before so I asked you. Power. Just how the original Godkiller isn't Ironman it just had had Tony inside it who couldn't do shit to control it. @cosmicbike: Oh yea, they are friends and constantly praise each others work. @thedevil98: Rune King Thor is really about high-skyfather at best. @hulk_like_fire: yes they are. @iflated3go: what does that mean for someone like Knull? Moreover, going by pure feats on panel, he was just smashing through planets and stars, nothing more. @iflated3go: Ehhh not sure if I like that.

Comments. However let's not get carried away by galactus and celestials. Would be nice if Marvel consolidated all their versions of Satan as perhaps being aspects of TOBA? 0. Godbuster oneshotted the E-scape god and then when he got to the real world he created the Godbuster and used to briefly oneshot a highly Controller who also claimed to be a God.

Iflated3go. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. @thedevil98: Fair enough I guess on RKT. @heatforce: It's implied that Knull is simply one facet of TOBA. Lilbroomstick. He ate and killed all the abstracts in the Marvel multiverse because he got taken over by TOBA, who is a nigh-omnipotent entity. So that’s 4x24(365)x15,000=525,600,000. Godkiller is kind of weak. The Hulk from #25 isnt standard Immortal Hulk as we understand him. Honestly the strongest Iron Man you could use would probably be the Bleeding edge armor wielding the Infinity Gauntlet. If we assume it's IH last weeks issue, he stomps, if not, RKT stomps.

@byondeon: I have changed the strongest version of supes to Strange Visitor.

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