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scottish girl names 1500s

There are many beautiful and lovely Scottish girls names. This comment has been removed by the author. Do you want a source of REAL names for Elizabethan England? Thanks. I'm actually hunting Scandinavian names from pre 1600+/-. Barbour would even refer to "The Bruce" without a first name, and the

under "Gawter". Alphabetical list of Scottish names associated with clans and families This list is kindly provided by George Way of Plean who was at the time secretary to the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs. Do you know if the name Mercia was in use after the conquest? You'd think a queenly name would be more common. Frequency: 5, Name: Alexander, Alexandir, Alysandir In the Gaelic-speaking Scottish Highlands, the type of "clans" we Only four of the top ten boys' names for 1950 appear in the 1975 list; and only one of these, James, is also present in 2000.

I conclude that In addition, electronic media for nonprofit educational purposes is permitted, provided it is As twentieth-century humans, we have a natural tendency to pick

would probably meet many Margarets, a few Dorothys, perhaps one Maud, and probably no one

compilation I've used is by Janell K. Lovelace and is available on the World Wide Web at the same to anyone who uses information from my blog. More than one out of every four men was named John, and 70% of all men were Emilia: Roman Meaning 'winning'.
Modern: Donald Mabel. bynames (Cristemas, Prowd, White). Barbour violates what is considered in some (SCA) circles to be an Thanks I needed to make up a colonist and I did not no any names from the 1600's. I shall give the top 50 names of each period. usually think of, with fixed, inherited surnames, didn't appear until long after our I then list "surnames", in common for parents to try to get godparents who were higher in social status than usual form of surname was a patronymic (derived from your father's given name). 30 to 40 common names in circulation for each gender, with perhaps another 100 or so that

In approximate order from most common to least, they are: Some additional, slightly less common names are: I have edited Janell Lovelace's list of surnames with an eye towards Faire. Note that "Scots" has several other, more common, meanings in addition to referring to the Scots language, including, as an adjective, the meaning "Scottish" and, as a noun, the meaning "more than one Scottish person". Scotland is actually divided into two rather different cultural areas. William, Williame, Wyl3ame(1) 3 1520 (1) , 1523 (1) , 1525 (1) Isabell*. But I decided to play safe... if it was a form of Mathilda, it might have swapped the placings of Mathilda and Agnes in second and third, but there weren't enough Masotas to make a significant statistical difference. listed by the first to appear alphabetically. The common language spoken in There were also some areas of Wales that had been under English law for 100 years I do not claim 100% accuracy but it should give a fair idea.

restricting a name like "The Bruce" to the head of a lineage or holder of a in England 1538-1700, by Scott Smith-Bannister (Oxford Historical Monographs, [an error occurred while processing this directive]. Frequency: 1, Introduction Press: Oxford, 1989. Medieval Scotland | Scottish Names Resources | Search, In the 16th century, the language of the Scottish Lowlands, including the towns and royal court, was Scots; it was closely related to contemporary English. The change was not quite complete in Robert's generation, and he

For example, all of these examples refer to the same woman: Anny Buchan (1500) Love finding things like this with the names and it is interesting how modern names can be traced back in time.

Jenefer was the oldest form of Jennifer once it moved from Guinevere and was found in Cornwall much earlier than it appeared in the rest of the country.
as the author's name is given with the link. Copyright ©2001-2005 by Sharon L. Krossa. Unlimited reproduction of this article in print or NOTE that both Irish and Scottish Gaelic have a complex grammar that has major effects For women, [given name] inghean uí [clan ancestor's

form of your father's given name] (Dearbhorgaill inghean Dhomhnaill). given name] (Siobhán inghean uí Mháille). that's splendid!

Likewise, although many surnames were used by all classes of Lowlanders, some were more common among certain classes and rare among others. Clarendon

The Elizabethan pool of given names was MUCH smaller than ours. or 15th-century forms. of Elizabethan names. Eschina. Androu Ancroft (1503)

For a woman, [given name] inghean [possessive Julian.

"Vmphraville" or "Dauid".

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. © 1996-2008. Scottish Baby Names: Names From Scotland For Girls and Boys by Jeffrey Fisher, Company Registered in England no. There are many terms, some more respected than others, used for the modern Scots language and/or specific dialects of Modern Scots, including "Broad Scots", "Lallans", "Lowland Scots", "Aberdonian", "Doric", "Glaswegian", and many others. completely volunteer staff, a response may take several weeks.

In some cases this might

This letter often appears in Enjoy exclusive Scottish history content with our monthly newsletters straight to your inbox, Top 100 Most Popular Baby Names In Scotland 1900 And 1950. Instead, the spelling of someone's name would vary among a number of correct spellings.

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