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seagate stgy8000400 shuck

Addionally, searching this number instead, i have found a bunch of other people reporting the same thing now. But yeah chucked and got same. To my surprise, the sequential read/write dropped from ~92MB/s (USB3) to ~72MB/s internal SATA.

I needed a 2.5-to-3.5″ adapter to fit the drive bay here. They dont make an 8TB BarraCuda Compute so I'm not sure what i have entirely right now. Some (Western Digital especially) don’t have an SATA connector on the internal drive.

And it’s still valid exactly in May 2020.I shucked a 4GB Seagate expansion portable drive and put it into a Odroid HC1. The main reason I want to replace the TravelStar with the Seagate is because it’s younger (2016), the bigger size is just a bonus. (Since their pricing is really competitive: 5TB for ~110 Euro.). I think I just got a bad batch of them but I try to avoid their archive drives now. on 0% fill. seagate portable expansion 4tb is SMR [ Shingled Magnetic Recording ] product drive, but it will be [ Shingled Magnetic Recording ] product irrespective when external in case or/and internal without original case, therefore what do you mean by above statement ?

Anyways, SMR ~5000RPM 256-cache drive.

Thank you, Matt, for this excellent how-to.

The computer serving as a NAS was in need of another hard drive. Didnt want to go trough warranty, so i opened the case and continued to use the included ST4000LM024 in a separately bought USB 3 adapter. What tests should i do? sorry for my english. Removing the SATA-to-USB circuit board: You can see the circuit board still attached in Picture #9.

Removing case top: There’s a seam along the top lid of the case – I found it easiest to get a knife inside the seam on the connector-side of the unit.

Just FYI, the drives I got were the ST4000LM024s and were manufactured in April of this year, so they’re pretty new. Low power consumption: These 2.5″ portable drives tend to consume only 1-2W of power.

I have a non shuck-able WD drive and I am finding that the USB port is having connection issues. Cautionary tale:I did strip (shuck) a Samsung 4TB 2.5″ external USB drive this way, also resulting in broken tabs, though I used a plectrum from a mobile (cell) phone screen repair kit to do the prizing carefully. Used it in a 247/7 Machine. I bought an 8TB SBPH during cyber Monday sale at Staples online with the assumption it would be an archive SMR drive. I took it out and connected it using the original enclosure, and the HDD remained slow. Before going further, since “shucking” isn’t an overly popular term, it essentially means “de-shelling”. I’ll have a look around your site now, as I like your commentary style Matt. I see some decent prices on eBay (UK) for external USB 2.5″ drives.

thank you for your FANTASTIC & APROCHABLE article how to remove HD from its case !! Seagate Desktop Drive STGY8000400 - hard drive - 8 TB - USB 3.0 overview and full product specs on CNET. Packaging/housing: Drive closeup:

Looking to cut it down to just an ssd for boot and this drive for storage.

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