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slow cooker beef curry

500g of good Beef cut into required size Stop food waste by– Usually, I end up with a lot of gravy with all the tender beef pieces missing. My wife and 94 year old mother loved it. 2 tablespoon red chilli powder increase by another 1 tablespoon(the level of spice you add is up to you but if you want less spice just add only 1 teaspoon). check if the meat is tender before following the next step. Marinade the beef in the Greek yogurt, salt, cumin and coriander for a couple of hours. Using your hands is preferable but if you are sensitive to red chili, I would suggest using disposable gloves(you have been warned). It now tastes very green and bitter from the chillies. This is hands down the best curry I have ever made.
As one of my reader's suggested, you can make this beef curry in a slow cooker, I have added the details on the recipe card below under notes.If you love this recipe then I’m sure you’ll love my mother-in-laws’ village-style beef curry which is cooked only in coconut milk and does not need any type of curry powder. I look forward to making it for friends who love Sri Lankan food! if you are doubling to 1 kg. Or, if you want an even spicier curry - try adding some curry powder.

Mix together with a small handful of chopped, fresh coriander (cilantro). It’s my mother in law’s village type beef curry. 2 tablespoon red chilli powder increase by another 1 tablespoon(the level of spice you add is up to you but if you want less spice just add only 1 teaspoon). This beef curry recipe really couldn't be easier. Is it Sri lankan commercially bought unroasted curry powder/roasted curry powder/ jaffna curry powder or one of your own special blends. I think it was possibly the best curry I’ve ever made! Thank you for your support!

It’s a one-pot meal, preferably a clay pot would be ideal, if you can’t find one then use a, Place the beef in a large bowl, add chilli, powder(2 tbs), turmeric(1tsp), coriander(1and 1/2tbs), curry powder(1 tsp), tamarind juice(1tbs), salt, sugar(1tsp), a few slices of onions, green chilies. Hope this helps Sarah, please do not hesitate to contact me if you come across any issues with the recipe, make sure not to cook the mustard too long as this would lead to extreme bitterness. Two: Add the shallots, garlic, ginger and chilli to the frying pan and cook over a low heat for 2 minutes. Thank you so much for replying so quickly! Will definitely make again.

In order to make this recipe you will need: Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links – which means if you buy the product I get a small commission (at no extra cost to you). It’s why I call it a slow-cooked beef curry. regarding the sweetness, I think the sweetness comes from the sugar but you can definitely opt out of using it. as you are using the thin milk to mostly cook and bring the need to a tender texture. the link is given above. © jehan yusoof Learn how your comment data is processed. Tamarind not only gives extra taste to the meat but the main purpose is to tenderize the meat as well, please don’t use vinegar, I think lime juice is a better option OR you can cook without it but use the salt sparingly but a tiny pinch more. Ingredients mentioned below use standard measuring cups and spoons. So if you are planning to serve lunch between 12:30 -1:30 p.m then I would suggest that you at least start at 9:45-10:00 am so that there’s enough stove time for the beef to cook well and reach that perfect thickness.
Hope this helps and you are most welcome. Fry the beef in batches in 2 tbsp oil until it is browned all over … As one of my reader’s suggested, you can make this beef curry in a slow cooker, I have added the details on the recipe card below under notes.

you can also do a leftover curry.

J. I am very interested in trying out this recipe.

Packed liquid coconut milk is always preferable. would love to know how it turned up.regards.

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