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smoky pineapple mezcal cocktail

P.S. that’s it! These look to die for. Subscribe for more: Watch more Behind the Drink: visits NYC bar Employee's Only where bartenders still come up the ranks in an apprentice system and where bartender Steve Schneider has fashioned his own fancy mallet with his face on it to smash ice old-school style. This juice will make a mild spicy cocktail. Final Thoughts. Holy cannoli!!! for daily foodie musings & tips, follow along with @playswellwithbutter on instagram & facebook! Pretty Pink Gin & Tonics oh my gosh!!! Perfectly…, porter cold brew iced coffee is a rich & creamy…, Easy Roasted Veggie Tacos (+ Chipotle Cashew Crema! Pour mixture through a straighter and into a low-ball glass. XO. Then, slice the pineapple into wedges. Remove the pineapple from the grill and allow to cool for 15 minutes — until safe to handle. Sharing recipes for the creative host or hostess that are simple, elegant and colorful too! Malibu rum and ¼ oz. If you want it. To make spicy jalapeño infused pineapple juice, you’ll cut 1 jalapeño and place it in 8 oz. Add pineapple slices, Szechuan peppercorns, and sliced serrano to the syrup and stir to combine. you let a vanilla bean infuse in water overnight, before placing the water in an ice cube tray & freezing. These look soooo good! vanilla is also a natural pair for mezcal’s rich, smokiness. Keep the pineapple and pepper slices for later, and discard the peppercorns. of pineapple juice for 24 hours. it’s summer’s first holiday, & its arrival means that long weekends for memorial day, 4th of july, & lakeside fun are in our very near futures. I hope you give these Mezcal cocktails a try. But after reading your post, I know it’s a must because you obviously love Mexican food and drink as much as I do so I completely trust your judgement! Sparkling Pink Grapefruit Cocktail with Cucumber. Allow that mixture to sit for 30 to 40 minutes. Recipe: Smoked Pineapple Mezcal Margarita. is there anything better than having a legit excuse to eat tacos all day, put guacamole on everything, & drink alllllll of the tequila?!? Swizzle / churn until combined and top up with more crushed ice. 2. How do you make jalapeño infused pineapple juice? Mezcal; the smoky, complex, South American spirit is very much en vogue at the moment, making this cocktail … You can use the Dole canned pineapple juice but for a tastier, fancier cocktail, I would go with R.W. i like to think of mezcal as tequila’s super cool cousin. PLEASE SEE MY, An easy vegetarian tacos recipe filled with easy roasted cauliflower,…, Creamy Vegan Pasta made in 25 minutes or less!!! spicy pineapple juice, 1 oz. ★☆. so many nights at la perla these looks phenomenal and I love the idea of the vanilla bean ice… how do you come up with this?! i freakin’ love cinco de mayo. Plus a little spice and herbs for a delicious craft cocktail at home! Kingsford is committed to making its website fresh lime juice to a shaker with ice. If you want it REALLY spicy, you’ll use 2 jalapeños for 24 hours, then add a tsp. this imparts a rich, smoky flavor into mezcal & makes it really fun to play around with in cocktails at home. Help spread the word. Next, strain the mixture into a jar. OMG!!! These sound divine!!! you guessed it. Here are a few of our favorite rim salts to go with Mezcal cocktails. guacamole is DEFINITELY my favorite. it sounds super fancy, but vanilla bean ice is beyond simple to make. This spicy, smoky pineapple cocktail with mezcal is so easy, delicately tropical, a little sparkly and such an impressive pool-party signature! what are ya waiting for? Add pineapple slices, Szechuan peppercorns, and sliced serrano to the syrup and stir to combine. they’re easy enough to whip together when we get home from work on a friday afternoon & need something to help celebrate the weekend’s arrival. as an undergrad in milwaukee, my girlfriends & i would save up all of our bar money to shuttle downtown to a kiiiind of sketchy mexican restaurant, la perla, where we’d buy pitchers of cheap margaritas in every color & flavor imaginable & have the time of our lives. If there’s 1 thing to know about me, it’s this: I am head-over-heels in love with food. And if you ever make any of my tasty drinks or treats, take a picture and tag me. Simmer the water and sugar over low heat until the sugar dissolves. #dying. Stir to combine. mezcal, ¼ oz. It gets it’s unique flavor from pineapple juice, chambord, mezcal, and champagne or sparkling wine. Other true loves: pretty shoes, puppies, Grey’s Anatomy, & my cozy kitchen in Minneapolis, MN. Kingsford® Hardwood Pellets — Cherrywood. In Behind the Drink, we'll make sure you are properly educated before you hit the town and even if you're not really into the bar scene, our drinks expert host and professional bartenders will whip you up some recipes and tricks for kicking back with some fancy cocktails at home.

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