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Offers may be subject to change without notice. The late linebacker, who killed himself in 2012 at age 43, is also one of the major names that comes up when you talk about CTE, a brain disease caused by repeated blows to the head, which has become a full-blown medical crisis threatening the very nature, financial future, and sport of professional football. No matter how many times you hear the story of Bethany Hamilton, the U.S. professional surfing icon whose left arm got bitten off by a tiger shark when she was 13, it exerts an emotional power that can’t be denied.
But it’s more that each film is particularly adept at exploring both the public face and the private lives of these unique women, digging in a little deeper on what actually motivates and keeps their engines running. “I know I’m going to surf again.” She was back on her board four weeks later. We see footage of Bethany in the hospital, shortly after the calamity, and beneath her dazed demeanor she has the grace to say, “I’m glad it was me and no one else out there” — by which she means her surfing bestie Alana Blanchard. was the winner of the Best Documentary Short award at the 2019 Oscars. We see a TV interviewer ask, “Do you think you’re going to surf again?” “I think?” she says, incredulous.

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With that history underneath it, this 33-minute 30 for 30 thankfully goes in — using the power of the series’ emotionally driven storytelling timbre to make an argument for public safety and health when it comes to what we consider sport. As a new mother, she says that for a while she tried but failed to devote herself to surfing as consumingly as it demanded. We get to see her training techniques (running under water, riveting back and forth on her back on a birth ball). Director Ben Berman’s bag is in comedy, having directed dozens of episodes of Comedy Bang! Bang!, Tim Heidecker’s On Cinema, and other left-of-center television like Lady Dynamite and Jon Benjamin Has a Van. The metaphor of dwelling in a place but not being of the place seeps into the quiet crawl of this film, which jags around the tropical climes, into a therapist’s house and into her office and her own crumbling psyche, down the streets that seem to come alive with the motion of crustacea. So when you watch “Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable,” a documentary that recaps Hamilton’s life in compelling fashion without adding anything of special novelty or depth (though much of the surfing footage is spectacular), it can feel like you’re seeing a perfectly fine devotional sports biography that doesn’t elevate the saga it’s telling to the next level.

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But rather, Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert were somehow allowed into seemingly every fraught fluorescent-lit corner of an Ohio-based auto glass factory, formerly owned by GM and re-opened by a Chinese billionaire. The filmmakers captured and interviewed the American workers and managers and the Chinese immigrant workers and managers (plus, yes, the billionaire) dead in the middle of all their eye-popping culture clashes, from the social dynamics of a small team roll-call to the conflicts surrounding union-forming (and -busting). © Copyright 2020 Variety Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. In it, subjects James Safechuck and Wade Robson recall their alleged experiences of being sexually abused by the late pop superstar Michael Jackson.

Through a personal, unflinching lens, directors Nanfu Wang and Jialing Zhang walk viewers through China’s now-defunct one-child policy, and why it is part of the lump sum of gross human rights violations to come from the country’s mainland. You can change (your cookie preferences); by clicking accept, you accept all cookies. And that’s what saved her. Yet I wish “Unstoppable” revealed something about Hamilton I didn’t know from seeing her on “Oprah.”, The story of how she lost her arm, and recovered, has always been such an awesome lesson in facing down adversity that the film’s director and cinematographer, Aaron Lieber, doesn’t even try to find an original angle on it; and maybe there isn’t one.

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