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thai turkey meatballs well seasoned

I made this tonight for my QuaranTEAM and we loved it!! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Looking for a light but filling meal, packed with flavor and protein? Hahahah that’s a SPICY meatball! P.S. Quick question…. YES! Whatever you do, the point is to get it as close to a paste-like consistency and get the three ingredients really mashed together.

I also thought the peanut butter was overpowering. Please let me know, Hi there! I AM SO GLAD YOU LIKED THEM! for Dinner Weeknight Chicken Milanese with Fennel Salad ... Tomato Confit with Garlic and Shallots. So I took a look in the fridge and noticed some ground turkey sitting in the fridge that I had removed from the night before. for Dessert Italian Rainbow Cookies.

Finally, I’ve given you a choice of cilantro or parsley, mostly because there are a good percentage of people out there who dislike cilantro. Love it!!!! And then I use my neat little trick to make sure my parchment paper for my sheet pan stays ON the sheet pan. Red Thai Curry Turkey Meatballs […], […] favorite meal as of recently.

I love cilantro! Seasoned with cumin, cayenne, oregano, and smoked paprika, these tender meatballs are finished in a creamy tomato sauce flavored with a little crème fraiche and sherry vinegar.

There a few super stars in this recipe and they really take the dish from “meh it’s aight” to “Holy wow there’s a party in my mouth…and I like it!”. I tried this today because I realized I was missing an ingredient as well for another turkey recipe. It also works really well with ground chicken!

few squirts of siracha (depending how spicy you like it).

Hope this helps! The taste and smoking points are very different, and I don’t wanna make the wrong guess! Forget the typical spaghetti and meatballs in my house, my kids now want these instead. ★☆ The peanut butter in this dish give the dish it’s unique flavor but also it acts very similarly to how dijon acts in mayonnaise. But let’s be frank, it is one of the easiest dinners to put together!
Looks amazing! Absolutely wonderful and as for me it’s not so easy to find a coconut milk (I live in Italy), the use of peanut butter was great in this recipe.

Also what can I do to make it not spicy? Now that’s-a spicy meat-a-ball Gorgeous photos too – so freakin’ talented girl! But i’ve just started a vegan lifestyle.

Tamera, thanks for commenting! I happen to really love the strong peanut flavor so perhaps I will state that this is very strong in peanut flavor . To give it that Thai flavor i added thinly sliced lemon zest when the sauce was simmering!

I also think the meatballs would do great frozen and then all you need to do it make the sauce.

You can basically always remove panko and make them Paleo or keto .

This one is a keeper! They had just a few simple ingredients in there. Thai Turkey Meatballs with Coconut Curry.

Thank you so much for your kind words…always!

The sauce was one of the best Thai curries I’ve made and I’ve tried a lot of recipes. Let that sauté for about 2 minutes until fragrant. They are baked…, These gorgeous vegetarian meatballs are full of veggies and protein! I see soy sauce listed in the ingredients for the meatballs but i don’t see it in the instructions. I was at Trader Joe’s and couldn’t fine red curry paste, so I bought their red curry sauce, which has many flavorful ingredients and looks amazing but I’m not sure how much to incorporate into this recipe in place of the paste. Great option for a quick weekday meal. I cut the meatball recipe in half, but kept the sauce amount the same and thought the ratio was perfect.

Create a huge “X” on the sheet from one corner to the next. Meatballs do rock .

You have the nutrition information but I don’t know what the serving size is how many people does this recipe serve?

I sat and stared at this glorious soup and thought YES! Savory, spicy, peanutty, succulent, turkey meatballs.

Mar 20, 2020 - Oven baked Thai turkey meatballs are paired with a quick and simple homemade coconut red curry sauce with spinach and fresh herbs! Fall, Can I share a secret with you? Halloween is almost here and, Weekends like thisare EVERYTHING . Tag @girlandthekitchen on Instagram and hashtag it #girlandthekitchen, Your email address will not be published.
It’s definitely a strong flavor!!! I didn’t have red curry paste & my daughter has peanut allergy so I soaked a few pieces of cashews & almonds in hot water & pureed it with the tomato sauce i made. Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe

So sorry just seeing this! I also added juice of half a lime and served with cauliflower rice. Tender and juicy meatballs full of curry, spice and everything nice! Leave the edges a little “rougher” do not smooth them out, you will get nice, crispy edges this way. If you are asking for calories it’s 3-4 meatballs.

OMG what an awesome comment!!!

Someone above said these are Paleo and I thought “not with panko”. Tried these today. . Thanks for the inspiration! I am so glad that it all worked out for you!!!

I have frozen these many a time and they also end up delicious! Prepare a sheet pan by spraying it with pan spray and THEN putting parchment on top.

"As these turkey and rice meatballs simmer in the sauce, the rice absorbs moisture, swell ups, and creates a relatively tender, moist meatball," says Chef John.

Thank you so much!!!! So while she sweetly slept on my shoulder, I scrolled through hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous pictures on Pinterest.

Of course, many traditional meatball recipes call for breadcrumbs or rice in order to help bind the meat together and keep it moist.

Can I substitute anything for peanut butter? Epic fail.

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