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theodor fahrner hallmark

D. 4.8 cm.

For example, beads were woven onto antiqued filigree backs, and pieces were assembled by hand. Their workforce of nearly 1,000 produced cathode ray tubes, aircraft tubes, and manifold assemblies in addition to women’s and men’s jewelry and watch attachments. He pioneered the use of eminent artists to design jewelry made partly or entirely by machine. 6,8 x 2,3 cm.Kat.

4.1 x 2.6 cm.

By the 1940s, stage and film actresses such as Carole Lombard, Bette Davis and Ava Gardner were wearing Hobé jewelry both on and off stage. Brooch, c1902., © The Antique Jewellery Company Ltd. From the beginning, the distinctive style and quality of Haskell’s pieces appealed to well-dressed women and Hollywood stars. Silver, green enamel, two chrysoprases, citrine. Fahrner, Abb.

Theodore W. Foster & Bro.

However, the designs were still original and the pieces well made. Hess and George E. Fearn, a freelancer, were the company’s designers. From 1946-1948, Vogue ads showed a variety of jewelry for men and women, including snake chains fashioned into two- , three- , and four-strand bracelets, and two- and three-strand necklaces; bracelets with one or two charms; watch bracelets; pendant brooches; and key chains. Not much is known about this company beyond its listings in trade directories.

One of the most desirable names in early 20th Century European costume jewellery, Fahrner's intention was to raise the artistic quality of industrially or part-industrially made pieces to the level of art jewellery 2.9 x 2.1 cm.

1928/30 , 935 silver, onyx bars, amazonite elements and marcasites, pure Art-Deco, NEW YORK – Fine Art and Asian treasures are getting considerable attention in Love at First Bid’s next auction on Wednesday, Jan. 23, which gets under way at 11 a.m. EST. In 1920, the firm moved from Maiden Lane to larger quarters at 333 Fifth Avenue. Mazer Bros. continued producing jewelry until 1952, the year Louis Mazer died. }, A good silver bracelet by the well known firm Theodor Fahrner. A December 15, 1926 article in the same publication discussed a collection of “metal and composition buckles and clasps” and wood-bead belts displayed by Hobé et Cie and The Hobé Button Co.

}, This is a very large and very stylish pendant brooch.

Some of their well-known designs were pairs of brooches called Russian Dancers (1943) and Card Dancers (1947).

In 1948, the brothers separated: Louis and his son Nathan continued the Mazer Brothers business under the name Mazer Bros., Inc.; Joseph and his son Lincoln, in partnership with Paul A.
The firm was well known for the quality and design of it's jewellery. Discover (and save!) Made by, FRANZ BOERES; T. FAHRNER Jugendstil belt buckle, THEODOR FAHRNER AMAZONITE ONYX MARCASITE SUITE, 56: Art Deco Sterling Silver Gem-set Suite, Theodor Fah, 1345: Patriz Huber. This necklace is impressive when worn. }, An eyecatching Art Deco silver  and marcasite bracelet by Theodor Fahrner. He was one of the foremost designers in Pforzheim in the Black Forrest in Southern Germany.


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