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types of relationship marketing

Some scholars are of the opinion that relationships occur against different background which on the long run determines the type of relationship that ensues .These distinct background help determine the four types of relationship. )namely : (i)Informal and social relationships are termed to be the kind of relationships that helps informs us on how commercial relationship are expected to be .This is generally common amongst spouces , neighbours and consumers / small business (ii)Antagoni… Rather than focusing on one-time sales, it emphasizes customer retention, satisfaction and loyalty, and long-term engagement. The most obvious is repeat sales, but they can also look at whether customers are spending more, opening up email newsletters, referring the company to friends, or following them on social networks. Relationship marketing is a marketing strategy that concentrates on long-term customer relationships. Brand Manager. Careers in Relationship Marketing. (Martins Evans et al , 2004. All of these are indicators of various types of customer loyalty.

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