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who sentences in english examples

She was the one who told me that he was a child prodigy. The one who had been shooting the others was as large as Talon and plainly Hispanic. He's already killed a cop who stopped him down south. She found herself hurrying around him to the couch at his low growl and suspected he wasn't someone who ever repeated anything. Who prepares the texts in the President’s speech? He wasn't the one who gave me a bad name. It was Betsy who summed up our collective thoughts. Howard hesitated and shot a questioning glance at Connie, who shrugged and turned away. 7 Example Sentences with Relative Clauses Whose, When, Where A relative clause is a sentence describing a noun, however, it cannot be used separately. The few people I've met who knew me back then say I'm a different person. cried Dorothy, who noticed that the beautiful man did not look where he was going; "be careful, or you'll fall off!". Archaeologists are those who hunt for clues about the lifestyles of ancient peoples. Being around Lathum had opened his eyes to the number of people who deceive and are deceived. Everyone was so supportive - even her parents, who came up to meet Brandon as soon as they heard the news. The young man who is talking with John is a student from Canada. 10.We see them every week. "Those were the first words I ever said," called out the horse, who had overheard them, "and I can't explain why I happened to speak then. I was sure it was he who talked to her when she was walking Bumpus. Cassie glanced at Bordeaux, who was watching the horizon apprehensively. Napoleon Bonaparte died then. You know that man I was telling you about - the one who comes in at exactly eight every Friday night? He's with one named Julie but I don't know who she is nor do I know not how long they plan to stay. Connie handed the purse to Lisa, who immediately found her house keys. That way he can do what he wants and who's to know? Carmen turned and tipped her head back to look at the face of the man who towered over her. I wasn't the one who wanted to come here in the first place. You're the only one of us who is his longtime friend. Who would have thought he would become attached to a child that was neither his own blood nor male? We can use which and that when defining a noun that states a place but we have to use the preposition of that name. My, aren't you the night owl tonight - the boy who has been dancing with me half the night. He never got around to the guy who tried to enter Ethel Reagan's apartment. What about this boy Allen who called yesterday? Tessa was the girl who left him standing at the altar once. We all looked questioningly to Martha who stood at the open doorway. Notes:To state the location of something or someone, a preposition is usually necessary. Who would be calling her on his phone again? When it is used with countable nouns, they are always plural. You're the thirty-fourth person who's contacted me saying you were the tipster. Betsy and I discussed who else to inform. Could you just talk to the guy who got out of jail; the one everyone thought killed my sister? Could it grow strong enough to make her forget about those who depended on her? 9.I don’t wash the dishes. Who is the girl at the door? How can he remember well his ignorance--which his growth requires--who has so often to use his knowledge? The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. We turned the phone over to Molly who wanted to offer her condolences to Howie. Perhaps the culprit was the person who beat me to the publisher in Vermont, the sponsor of that idiotic contest! There is on one to connect me to New Hampshire though this little group who thought they were so clever hiding in that silly business in Keene might suspect that the one they hunted is now hunting them! Even so, I don't know anyone who admits to understanding him - much less calling him a friend. Who in the world is the fellow over there? The number of students who specialize in biology will increase from now on. She stared at her brother, who seemed unaware of where he was or what he did. "So we have nothing," Betsy said, surprising Brennan who didn't know she was listening. What a wicked thought to have about the man who had risked his life to protect her - not once, but a number of times in the last few days - and with so little to gain. He's the only one who knew how to manipulate them. Form:[Noun] is [preposition] [location]. Don't you know people talk about a woman who spends weeks out here with men - and men start to get ideas. (Total: 4072) The Sentences. I know who I am now; I don't want to meet that other guy. "Who built these lovely bridges?" His car was stolen. I wonder who the man over there may be. They started plotting against him. I'm not all that secretive, but you were the one who kept telling me that if he wanted you to know, he'd tell you. He married Lucy Helen Everett, who belonged to the same family of Everetts as Edward Everett and Dr. Edward Everett Hale. I then left the building and waited outside for the others who arrived moments later. We lived a long way from any school for the blind or the deaf, and it seemed unlikely that any one would come to such an out-of-the-way place as Tuscumbia to teach a child who was both deaf and blind. I feel terrible about the woman who was murdered. Surely they had other people who spoke Spanish - people familiar with the customer. Quinn, who remained silent most of the morning, showed increased interest. Quinn, who'd been silent during our exchange, spoke up, "Maybe Daniel Brennan can pull in some favors.". 1821 is the year when Napoleon Bonaparte died. Choose the correct preposition to give the right information. Frankie Lloyd Cummings was a fifty year old drifter who killed teenage runaways. Brandon was fortunate to have been raised by two people who cared as much about each other as they cared for him. When the caliph heard of this he sent for Al Farra and asked him, "Who is the most honored of men?". You said marriage was for people who wanted to spend a lifetime together, not a few nights. Let's just try it. to make who in sample sentence, Synonyms and Collocations for who With a frown, she wondered why she'd never seen it before, why she wasted seven years trying to make things work with someone who couldn't hold a candle to the man she was meant to be with. Don't get me wrong; I'm not condoning what we did but there were others who were much worse; sicko guys who really hurt their victims; sometimes killed them. We strolled up the main street, rumored to be the widest in the country, but I don't know who measures. Glinka, the editor of the Russian Messenger, who was recognized (cries of "author! Who is asking, Andy Gordon or Yancey Giddon? She had been the one who pushed him back into it. Just like this place, filled with people who hurt her. 14 Few, A few, A little, Little Example Sentences and Definitions, 11 Example Sentences Who, Whose,Whom and Definitions, English Using ANY and 6 Example Sentences, 30 Daily Use Sentences, Daily Use Example Phrases, 50 Examples with Interrogative Sentences, Interrogative Sentences, 98 Sentences with Conjunctions in English, Example Sentences with Conjunctions. One of the minions in Betsy's organization had arranged for a pleasure car for her weekend, courtesy of her boss who felt guilty for her frequent out of town travel. The aunt spoke to each of them in the same words, about their health and her own, and the health of Her Majesty, "who, thank God, was better today.". Do you know the gallerist? It seemed to me we were all on edge, especially Howie who, aside from a smile and a few words, stayed out of our limited conversations. She's not as beautiful as the one who bore the infant and until, and until today lived in this house. A friend of hers who is a florist asks if she can advertise on the site. It was a house full of people who happened to be related to him. Sentences. Bianca was the only one of those around him who could cook. sentence? She raced up the steps, wondering if men who could not be trusted would plague her entire life. There were many others who wanted to become king. how Examples. Connie caught her breath So you were the one who told him how to get to the house. Then, on Friday those who have done the best may stand up and read their compositions to the school. People who take time out of their schedule to do something that helps just one person. My dear, do I have the honor of finally meeting the famous psychic tipster or were you but the helper of the young mother who died so suddenly in that delightful New Hampshire town? Who do you think you are, telling me to shut up? I followed a woman who grabbed him at an amusement park and stuck with her to her car where a guy was in the driver's seat.

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