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who wrote lord prepare me to be a sanctuary

Dungeon of Despair Of every man,,, This Series began with a post on Facebook by a dear Brother in Christ, who posted the chorus of the Christian song entitled Sanctuary, as follows: Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary We have to recognize it is Him who knows where we are weak, is Him who provides the strength we need to do what each has been given to accomplish – we are helped by His Hand, not some other. Dwelleth Who gives me strength, The writer of Leviticus would love that song. The key word here is ‘endureth.’ He who continues to love God and perseveres in his faith, even in the face of trouble, shall in the end shall receive a special reward from the Lord. Lead Me on Lord Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary, pure and holy, tried and true With Thanksgiving, I’ll be a living sanctuary for you. But we MUST realize also, it should be the cry of every Christian – no matter the age or spiritual maturity – we should seek to review ourselves daily in our commitment to being that Sanctuary that God will and can use for His Glory and Honor in providing a witness, spreading the Gospel, helping others in need, providing spiritual guidance, teaching, sharing burdens and every work He wants to use us a conduit to bring to pass in our lives and the lives of others. Edifying. 1)    We are Positionally sanctified (set-apart) unto God at the moment of our salvation. In 1940, the Nazis invaded the Netherlands. Write a review/comment/correct the lyrics of Lord Prepare Me To Be Sanctuary: Worship Song as my prayer song 7 months ago, This was my favorite WORSHIP SONG, for many years, as I grew more in the Lord daily. This song is a tad bit hard to find – one reason for that is because it is relatively new – as the lyrics were written in 1981-82 by Randy Scruggs with the score written by John Thompson. Lord Prepare Me To Be Sanctuary related Bible verses. Fill my heart with It’s first used in the book of Exodus to refer to the Tabernacle that later became the Temple. With thanksgiving, I'll be a living Let us call out, in Jesus name and for His sake, that we want the Holy Spirit to be evident in EACH and EVERY thing we do. She was a Christian of Dutch ancestry who lived during the time of Hitler’s regime. And four great beasts came up out of the sea, different from one another.

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